Claiming Possession

Hey Chief Delphi!

Team 811 has an idea for calling possession during competitions. In softball and baseball, a system is used where each position is assigned a number (the pitcher is 1, the catcher is 2, so on and so forth). The highest number has control over the ball, and the lower numbers have to back off the ball. This is used to avoid collisions and injuries on the field. The same can work for robot alliances!

Based on a robot’s catching and passing capabilities, an alliance would assign numbers to each member. As in softball and baseball, the robots with the highest number can call possession of the ball. The robo-coaches or drivers could yell out their numbers to the others. The two teams that have lower would instead get ready for a pass or a catch over the truss.

It should be noted that if a robot has no need to go for the ball, but has a higher number, they should obviously not call for the ball, since the other teams are very likely to have a need for the ball if they’re calling for it. Obviously, all would be worked out pre-match, but we think that in the long run, this strategy will help to avoid a) collisions between robots and b) wasted time waiting for alliance members to get in a zone to get an assist.

Thoughts? Do you think that it’s plausible? If not, how could we adapt it to work better for all teams?