Clamshell Comms Problems

Recently the Clam Shell has been having, communication/Sometimes Robot Code problems with the cRio. From my laptop I can deploy code just fine and even ftp the cRio over the bridge wirelessly.

When We Tether the Clam to the Bridge it works fine.

Anyone know what may be going on???

You seem to be saying it’s the Classmate wireless that’s at fault.
It could be as simple as a wireless conflict with other devices in the area using the same band/channel as the Classmate.

Is your programming laptop wireless using the same band and channels as the Classmate wireless?

You can test that theory using another home router.

  • Ethernet cord from the Classmate to the router
    *]Common SSID and security on the router, and DLink switched to bridge mode

Alright. I will being going into some of these tonight. Thanks!

What I really wanted to test was if my laptops connection was going out, and it wasn’t being noticed through a browser FTP. But sadly my Laptop is Linux.

Thank you. Changed the Bridge’s Channel and everything is right as rain.