Clarification about the extensions beyond the frame perimeter

Those are not minor protrusions. You have to make changes to get them inside your frame perimeter at the start of the match.

Alternatively, swap out to smaller diameter wheels if you can still.

But I recommend just moving the whole system back.

Use smaller wheels or wear down the wheels that you have to fit within the perimeter.

whats the best way to wear them down

This 1/4" allowance is for minor protrusions such as fasteners (See R1 in the Game Manual). A piece of sheet metal/polycarb/plywood or a tube would protruding past the frame perimeter by 1/4" would not qualify for this exemption.

As one of the most helpful individuals on this form had suggested, this may be a good time to review the Game Manual, study it and think about the implications of the various rules and think about how some of the rules interact with each other.


IDK. Maybe run them against sandpaper or something?

This will make the wheels less effective and “grabby” as they are now.

I would more suggest either changing the wheels to be a smaller diameter or move the axle back.

@Kaiden.L iz u spam bot or iz u just not taking time to uze punctuation and grammar?

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Don’t forget that simply changing the diameter will also change the compression you currently have on the ball…

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im also rushing when typing as time is sensitive with bag day in 4 days

If changing 1/4" changes it that drastically, there is a bit more to change than sticking outside the frame.


Not much we can do from here

I think in general people will be able to help you more quickly and with better detail when we fully understand and comprehend the problem! To solve your problem it might be possible to just shave down 1/4" off one side of your wheel and just make sure it’s at the right orientation when you place it on the field.


I’d suggest you slow down then and take time to consider your spelling, grammar, and content before you click post. If you spend half the time writing each post but it takes 4x the number of posts to solve your problem because people don’t understand what you’re trying to say or you don’t give the full story, you’re wasting yours and our time.

Build season is short, but spending an extra 30 seconds to type out your message coherently and check it before posting won’t break the bank.


alright ill just move everything back 1/4’’

Do whatever is easier but still keeps your robot working as intended. IF you have plenty of compression on your intake and your conveyor already, then shave away. I’m just pointing this out because plenty of young teams don’t consider that they need compression on the game piece to make it move through their intakes/conveyors.

Do what makes sense in your situation.

shaving would be easier but i think i could get away with moving everything back 1/4’’

Don’t hurry too fast. If you don’t take the time to do it right the first time, you will have to make time to do it over again.


Also spend some time in front of your robot and think about the problem. You might find that you can move your intake mechanism (or part of it) back without having to move everything or shave your wheels etc. You know your robot much better than any of us ever will. If you spend 30 minutes and come up with an easy solution, it could save you hours of work.

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