Clarification on championship qualification

I see that one way of eligibility is the point system. When is says “champ division finalist” what exactly qualifies for that? Does that just mean being in the alliance selection process and being in the final tournament, or does it mean like the final match?

When it says division finalist it means that you played in the final match of the Curie, Archimedies, Newton, or Einstein division.


Finalist means the alliance played in the finals against the champion alliance, and didn’t win the tournament. Finalist is also known as 2nd place for the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Does anyone know if receiving multiple judged awards counts for multiple points? So if we got 3 awards, does it count as 6 points, or just 2? And if this is so, are there any awards that wouldn’t count for points (website, animation)? I’m just trying to understand all the possibilities of making it to the national event. Thanks!

I would have said you get 6 points.

But if you check here: Pre-qualified Team List, it say team 1038 is in Tier 1. That means that at least one of your 3 awards was not worth any points. Keep in mind that they have to be technical awards to be worth points.


According to FIRST, you won two awards, controls and website:

Both the animation award and website awards are not judged, because teams vote, rather then the judges chosing.

So, from what FIRST knows, you only have 2 points. If you won a third award, then you need to contact them. However, it still won’t be enough to qualify you for nationals, since it would be only 4 points total.

Since you didn’t pre-qualify, you will need to win a regional, or chairmans, or engineering inspiration award this year.

Can’t the Website and Animation awards be “judged awards” also? The judging was different, but the overall “judgement” of the voting was that they won the award.

If I were judge, I would vote for 1038 having 6 points.

Andy B.