Clarification on "Docking"

Can someone clarify what it means to be “docked”? In the manual it’s listed as being:

“The state of the ROBOT if it is contacting only the CHARGE STATION and/or
other items also directly or transitively fully supported by the CHARGE STATION”.

So does this mean if there is a cone/cube on the Charge Station then a bot on the carpet could just simply touch said cone/cube and be considered docked?

No. The weight of the robot must be entirely on the charge station , either on its own wheels/mechanisms or on a game piece or another robot… Contact alone is not enough, the carpet cannot bear any weight (through a gamepiece or otherwise).

The and/or could get a little confusing there.

No, because you would also be touching the floor. “contacting only” is the key. You could on a game element on the charging station, or on another robot on the charging station, or on a robot that is on a game element that is on the charging station, but there can not be any link through touching from your robot to anything that is not the charging station.

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This is a pretty common rule in recent events. Basically if your touching ANYTHING that is not on the charging station, you’re not docked.


  • Touching the floor (duh)
  • Touching a game piece on the floor even though you’re totally on the station
  • An string from an alliance bot partially comes off while they’re next to the station and it lands on your bumper
  • A wire comes loose on your bot far enough that it touches the floor or another bot that’s on the floor
  • You’re touching another bot on the station and THEY’RE touching a bot on the floor

Basically if anything is linking you in any way to the “floor”, you are not docked.
On that note, if you are suspended by someone who is docked and neither of you are touching the floor, you’re both good


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