Clarification on Rule G43

G43 ROBOTS on the same half of the FIELD as their ALLIANCE TOWER may not interfere with opponent ROBOTS attempting to traverse OUTER WORKS (regardless of direction). A ROBOT is considered traversing the opponent’s OUTER WORKS if any part of its BUMPERS are within the opponent’s OUTER WORKS. Violation: FOUL. For every five (5) seconds in which the situation is not corrected, FOUL

So does this mean that I can’t patrol back in forth in front of my teams outer works to prevent the other alliances robots from reaching the outer works in the first place?

You can patrol, but it will count as pinning and you will get a foul.

Could you elaborate on how it would be pinning so long as your were just parking yourself in their way?

That would likely be interfering with their crossing the defense on your side , pretty sure a foul unless past the midline on their side which would be more useless

inhibits forward movement, which seems to be pinning as some dont allow you to go back easily.

I don’t believe that would count as a pin because you are not restricting movement in all directions. It seems like there is no rule preventing you from blocking a defense as long as they are not already in the middle of going across it. Patrolling the back end of the defense would be a violation because you are now preventing the opposing robot from completely crossing.

I was referring only to the front end of the defenses.

i think that as long as they haven’t touched the outer works yet, your good. But if the have come into contact with the works, you cant touch then.

Okay that makes since.

My interpretation is that if their bumpers are not crossing the plane of the outer works, you can do as much patrolling as you want. However, as soon as their bumpers cross the plane of these outer works, if a referee thinks you are “interfering” with a team crossing the outer works, it’s a foul.

This interpretation. And bear in mind that it’s BOTH ways, in or out.

Check rule G25, blue box, last line.

Pinning is a different violation. No need to reference that rule.

You may patrol as long as you do not come into contact with them when they are counted within the outerworks. The neutral zone is free game.