Clarification on swerve code

So our team is considering swerve drive this year and I’m somewhat in charge of that.
I found this ( source. My first question is if it’s accurate. Following that I want to know what L and W (as described on part 1) are, how to get the max voltage (I remember something along the lines of getVoltage(); last year but don’t remember exactly what) , and finally how to get the encoder id (part 2.2) since the encoders I’ve worked with are part of the talon and are used via getquadratureposition();

Thanks for all the help!

The methods in the link that you provided seem correct. I believe the equations are from Ether’s papers Paper: 4 wheel independent drive & independent steering ("swerve")
Here is code written in JAVA (Team 801) Swerve Drive.
I have not tested this code this year (2019), but it uses Ether’s equations as well. I have modified the code to make it similar in use to the WPI Library Drive Class like tank or mecanum. I have written methods in the SwervePOD class that shows how to get the POD angle, speed and in the SwerveDrive Class I have a method for getting the speed of the Robot. Have a look at the code and hopefully it helps you out.