Clarification on the Legality of Spike Controllers


We believe was mentioned at the OCCRA Kickoff event that the VEX Spike controllers would be illegal in this season of OCCRA. Upon looking in the game manual, we noticed that it said in R16 that the Spike relay was a legal controller. We were wondering which guideline we should proceed by.

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2019 OCCRA Roll The Dice - Game Manual
< R16 > Robots can only use certain control devices. There is no limit to how many
relays and motor controllers a Team can use. The Spike relay or the Adafruit DRV8871
are legal relays to use. The Victor SP, Victor SPX, Talon SRX, SPARK, and SPARK Max are
legal motor controllers that can be used. The compressor must be run by a single
automotive relay that OCCRA will supply to all Teams in the KoP.
All wires routed from motors and actuators must be secured to the strain relief bolt on
the side of the control box before entering the box and attaching to the various relays
and motor controllers.

Pertinent slide from the Kickoff Presentation:

In summary, the Spike relay is still legal. It is discontinued so it is hard to buy more, but if your team still has some they are allowed to be used.

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