Clarifying Balanced

Hey guys, I need some clarification here. I’m helping to mentor/work with team 2040 and a question that we keep coming up with is what they mean by the bridges being “balanced”. As long as both sides are off the ground, is it balanced? Or do both sides have to be equidistant off the ground? Any/all help would be appreciated.


Per section 2.2.5 of the manual:

A Bridge will count as Balanced if it is within 5° of horizontal.

So there is a rule in the manual in section 2.2.5 that the bridge will count as balanced if it is within 5 degrees of horizontal.
I hope this helps.

Tehe oops. Thanks for the help guys. Guess I missed that line when reading :smiley:

Has anyone found a rule that prohibits a robot touching the bridge and the ground to balance the bridge?

If anyone hasn’t seen the 6 part video series on the FIRST youtube channel, there is a video that explains the balancing topic. I posted the link below to if you are unsure of how to find it.