Clarifying switch use on a DS

I wanted to be clear regarding how a switch would function with the DS.

We have a DS that already has 1 ethernet port dead.

By plugging a switch into the DS port, would that allow us to connect both the programming computer AND the robot to the switch simultaneously, and still click the run button and watch the data feedback?

Up till now, we’ve had the switch, but we’ve been programming by directly connecting the CRIO to the computer. A bit of a pain in the neck.

Also, by the way - our ethernet port died while connected to the computer, not the robot. That got a big “what the heck” out of the rest of us :confused:

Yes, pre-ship we usually ran a switch off the DS and programmed our cRIO that way.
In the pits and on the practice field at competition we use a hub too.
Saves wear and tear on the more delicate DS ports.

A switch is much better suited to the normal abuse of connecting/disconnecting cables repeatedly.

If you aren’t at a competition, you can use the wireless router as the switch.

And if you are, you can disable the wireless so it acts as a wired switch (thanks for reminding us Joe), then get it confiscated anyway.

In the event’s defense, my programmers can’t vouch that they didn’t do a hard reset on the router, returning it to factory settings and putting the wifi back on.