Class of 05: Where are You Applying?

I was wondering what colleges all my peers are planning to apply to, so post them here.

My list is:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Georgia Institute of Technology
California Institute of Technology
University of California - Berkeley

Wow, ummm… that’s impressive. My aunt is a Spanish professor at UC-B. Here’s my temporary list…

-Miami University (NOT IN FLORIDA)
-University of Dayton

And I’m looking into

Yeah, I have high dreams, just hope I can reach them.

And a pretty nice list there, yourself. But why would you want to go to a Miami that’s not in Florida!?!?! :confused: lol j/k :wink:

Miami university in Ohio is a really good school…if that’s the one you speak of. :P. I went there once…it’s nice. Go to Purdue!!! We host a regional ^^ (as of next year)

Yeah, it’s the one I’m thinking of going to. I hope. Purdue is looking really good right now, even though I thought it was a chicken school when I was young… ;p

My list:

Central FL
Miami (in FL)
GA Tech

I’m looking at:
USC (so cal)


Cornell Unversity

I’m going to enjoy my two months before having to start writing applications… :slight_smile:

I’m going in to either 3d-animating or Game Design and Programming

UAT (university of advancing Technoligies or something like that in AZ)
Full Sail (orlando, FL)
Boston Institute of Art
San Fransisco Institute of Art
Institue of Art - Online
UAT - Online

a few others im still waiting for brochure/booklet thingys from =P

  1. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  2. MIT
  3. Stanford
  4. University of California - Berkeley

I’d like to go to MIT, but money- and sentimentally-wise, U of M is the way to be. Besides, they’re only #2 to MIT in both aerospace engineering and business. Can’t ask for more :slight_smile:

Don’t be so quick to think MIT is too expensive. I got a brochure in the mail about their tuition, and, after financial aid, students are left with about $5000 per year on average in loans. All the rest is paid with grants, scholarships, and work-experience. So $20,000 for four years of some of the best education you can get? Not too bad a deal at all. :yikes:

I just flipped through the US News college rankings for 2004 and noted that for aerospace, U of M Ann Harbor is #3, not #2. But you know what, IT DOESN’T MATTER. Clooooose enough. :slight_smile:

So, anyone else thinking of coming here to Cornell Unversity? Let me tell you from the start that the place is more beautiful than 99.9% of what else is out there. That alone may be motivation to come, in addition to it being an Ivy League school.

My top choices for applying are:

UC Santa Cruz
Sacramento State
San Jose State
University of the Pacific

Yeah, just local colleges…


Kidding aside, good luck to all with their college applications. I may not know a lot about technical FIRST stuff but having gone through the process myself, helping many people apply to all different schoosl in all different fields, and being a freshman counselor, I’m pretty knowledgable with the system. Let me know if my services can be utilized or if there are any college questions in general.

And c’mon people, where’s UCLA on people’s lists? It’s the most applied to University in the world, I thought everyone wanted to come here. :slight_smile:

I am currently enrolled in a two year Engineering course at the technology center here in Southern Maryland. Upon completing this course next year i will recieve 13 College credits for the College of Southern Maryland ( CSM). These credits are for various courses at the college toward a bachelors degree in engineering, what kind of engineering I havn’t really decided, yet. I have one year to think about it.

I don’t normally see Cornell listed as a backup school. If you’ve got that level of confidence, more power to you.

As an aside, I had a friend who applied to Penn as a backup school thinking it was Penn State. He actually just graduated from Penn this year.


Not to discourage anyone or anything, but those of you applying to just Stanford, MIT, UCB, etc, I would apply to a school you know you can get into 100% for a backup. You never know who Stanford’s gonna pick. The UC’s arent admitting many many over qualified people at this point in time, and I’m sure the Ivy League schools are like Stanford.

Alaina: Make sure you apply for the UoP FIRST scholarship if you end up getting in. I didn’t, and there were only one or two people that did =/ I ended up deciding not to go there, but getting money can never hurt :smiley:

Make sure to apply to Olin if you think you are going into engineering. It is hard to get into, but if you do, it is totally worth it.


My list is still in desparate need of revision…but I’ve got Cornell on there as well. Along with Columbia, Drexel, Stanford, CalTech, UC-Berkley, Carnigie Mellon, Lehigh, FIT, and Case Western Reserve.

Like I said. It needs to be narrowed down a bit. (And that’s just a sampling).

Rugters would be my “safety school,” since it’s an NJ school and I’m pretty smart. Heehee. =)



keeps dreaming

Yeah, I know all of my schools are big reaches. The closest to safety schools I have are California State Polytechnic Institute in San Luis Obispo (State school but #1 architecture program in the nation) and then the next one up on my safety list is UCB. :smiley: So, seriously, I know I need a guarantee backup, just not sure which one yet.

Oh and check this site out: You can enter your SAT scores and GPA and all that and see what chances you have of getting into certain colleges. It’d be really interesting to see current colleges put in their high school information, and see what they’d get for their current school.

My rankings are:
MIT - Low Good Bet
CalTech - High Maybe
GaTech - Middle Good Bet
CalPoly SLO - High Good Bet
UC Berkeley - High Maybe
Harvard - Low Good Bet
Princeton - Low Good Bet
Stanford - Low Good Bet
Cornell - Low Good Bet
Yale - Low Good Bet

Of course, my rankings are a little low because I couldn’t enter my real GPA. It puts it on a regular scale of 4.0, I’m in International Baccalaureate with all honors courses, straight As, which makes my GPA 5.0


If they don’t accept me then, I’ll just have to find somewhere else…

Anything with accounting…