Class of '06 - Where Are You Applying

Well, the class of '05 is getting old, so might as well get started on the Class of '06. It’s been my dream, my goal in life, since I started in Chief to start one of these threads and post in it, so here we go! We can always make an '06 Where are you Attending College? Thread later. w00t.

Applying to:

California Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stanford University
Cornell University
University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Purdue University (Safety)

Some have rolling admissions, others have early action. Note: Early Action != Early Decision, thank goodness. Anybody else? Yes, I know school isn’t over for everyone yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’m not really positive where I’m applying to yet…but I know some of the schools I’m looking at…

Definitly Applying:
UMD Baltimore County
SUNY Binghamton

Other Ideas:

“Safety” Schools:
Buffalo State Coll of SUNY
SUNY Stony Brook

The three SUNY ones are on the same application so thats why I’m applying to three. (SUNY = State University of New York if you don’t know :slight_smile: ).

Theres probably some others I can’t remember right now too. :smiley:

I haven’t thought about it too much - I still have three weeks of school… :frowning:

haha i am so not good with school…umm i am going to apply to the following:

University of Nebraska
Southern Illinios University
Northern Illinios University
Univeristy of Oklahoma
Purdue (for buisness)-i prolly wont get in though but maybe
University of Alabama tuscaloosca
Indiana University

Im applying to all the southern schools and big 12 schools because of how good their buisness fields are. so far thats where im applying to. as long as i get outta rolling meadows…i am fine lol

I’m thinking of applying to:

University of Michigan (Engineering school)
Lawerence Tech
Michigan Tech
Michigan State
and one or two that I’ve forgotten at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

For real guys, Michigan State is a great place to apply. They have a kick butt Engineering school, pretty much any other college you could want (plug: awesome journalism school: plug). It’s really fun, plus there’s a budding robotics team thats about to break into the FIRST fantastic teams and possibly a few starting up soon. FIRST is really growing at MSU and we are accepting anyone who is interested as mentors. Plus, it’s big ten which means that all of our sports teams kick. :smiley:



Definately applying
Oregon State

Other possibilities
University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Cal Poly SLO

I have some thinking to do over the summer to finalize my list. My resume includes robotics, band, and eagle scout as well as a good gpa. SAT results pending.

Well since if I get a 3.0 gpa and a 21 on my ACT, I get a $32,280 scholarship to Oakland University, I think I am going to apply to OU.

I’m applying to Purdue University and will most likely attend there. I may also apply to Rose-Hulman Institue of Technology just for the heck of it.

I have an idea of where I want to apply, but I expect my list to change over the summer.

George Washington University
University of Rhode Island (Safety)

I’m debating whether to study electrical engineering/french (double major) or maybe journalism or political science (again with a double major in french), so (with the exception of MIT) all the schools I’m planning to apply to would let me study either.

I’m applying to two colleges, and looking at one college in particular to possibly apply to. Here they are:

Villa Julie College (top choice)
Towson University (second choice)
Hood College (possibility, safety)

Villa Julie has a great Business Communications Bachelors program…I’m so excited about it. I went to visit the college a few months ago, and it’s so nice their. New campus, it’s small and very easy to get around. They have another campus in Owings Mills, which is about a half hour from the Stevenson campus (15 minutes from my home), but they have a shuttle go to and back every half hour or so. =D

Towson’s a really good college here in Maryland, and it has my major. My cousin Lisa just graduated for something similar to what I want to do, and she said it’s great there, and so did my other cousin, Michael, for Computer Programming (or Computer Science, no idea which).

Hood College is a new college I’m looking at. It’s really expensive to go there, about $30,000/year. That’s insane compared to Villa Julie and Towson ($14,700 and $7,500 respectively). But they do seem to have a nice campus and good class sizes, about a 7:1 student/teacher ratio. I’d have to live there, since it’s an hour away. Commuting would be too much. Taking the train is a possibility, but I’m still unsure.

=) Good luck to you all! Hope you get into the colleges you deserve to get into.

Well…since I left it out of my first post…

I plan on double majoring in mechanical engineering and computer science (with probably a minor in math since between those ill be taking math courses like :ahh: )

Every school I’m applying to will have that option. It was the only way to sort down schools. :slight_smile:

Also, I’m planning on continuing being involved in FIRST while in college, so…schools that help a FIRST team get bonus points.

For those of you wanting to go into business, don’t be afraid to look at Babson! Our brand-new partnership with FIRST allows you to stay involved while getting a stellar education from one of the best business schools in the world!

Ok, now that I’ve done my alumni duty :), schools value students coming from far from home - and will pay top dollar for them, so don’t be afraid to stretch!

Also, if anyone wants help weeding through the stuff that schools send to you to find out what they are really saying (esp. the business students), let me know.

I am attending Columbia College of Chicago this summer to study film and hope to attend college there. Eventually I plan on going to UCLA to continue studying film.
The only sad thing is although Columbia has a n “intro to robotics” class that can teach me the “general concepts of wiring” and let me “make a small robot that actually moves!” it doesn’t have a FIRST team and isn’t to interested in starting one… I guess that is what you get when you go to an arts school. :frowning:

Ah, I forgot to post my major.

I’ll be double majoring in Mathematics (the one that I really really want), and then I’m trying to decide between biomedical engineering and biochemistry for the other one.

What i plan to do is go into engineering and decide from there. i have no idea what i’m majoring in but i like biomedical eng (ESPECIALLY nanotechnology), biochem eng, comp eng, nuclear eng, phys/chem eng (maybe)…so i have alot to choose from.

Colleges –
Early Action:
MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Caltech

if i don’t get into any, i’ll do…
Cornell, Duke, John Hopkins U, Carnegie Mellon U, U of Florida (safety)
[cornell, duke, jhu, and cmu are all on the common app so it’ll be easier]

can’t wait =D

Many of the colleges here offer FIRST scholarships - and FIRST has had several scholarships in the past that were not awarded due to lack of entries.

Go to and find out if your school of choice has a scholarship or not. You can also look and see if your team is affiliated with FIRST (and if so, what teams). Research your options before you make a decision-- although all of you are smart enough to do so, I thought I’d throw in this friendly reminder. :slight_smile:

Whaaa? I know that at least this year, Stanford’s early action required you to sign a form (and your guidance counselor) stating that you are only applying to one early action school. Harvard was anal in this manner too. Hence why I applied to MIT/Caltech early action instead - the tech schools don’t care whether you apply to more :wink:

Just a head’s up, just because those 4 schools you listed are on the Common App doesnt mean they won’t each hit you with a bunch of extra essays. I thought the Cornell app was too long and since I was on the fence about applying there in the first place, I decided to bag it just 'cause it was too many essays and I had bigger fish to fry. Since you are applying to alot of schools, make sure you figure out ALL of the essays you will need to write and start them early!! I thought I was off the hook when alot of my schools used the Common App, but most of my schools asked for an additional essay.

FYI, I go to the University of Delaware for ChemEng. I chose UD over Carnegie Mellon (which was, ultimately, my second choice school). It was a great decision, so if you are thinking of ChemEng or those two schools in particular, feel free to hit me up!


I really like seeing that all of these people are showing an interest in Purdue, its a great school for all sorts of majors and it is pretty well recognized by employers nationally (one of the advantages that some private schools cant give you).

Like Amanda said above, there is plenty of scholarships available through FIRST, so be sure to apply for the Purdue FIRST Scholarship next year.

i hope the class of 06 gets into their school of their dream…so i feel a lil stupid that i never put down any of the schools you all mentioned but that’s okay…i’m headed to college so tis all good…right!!!

great schools ya’ll picked though

well good luck…enjoy the college essay writing (i managed to not have to do a single essay for any colleges…only 1 essay for a scholarship :smiley: )…read over them carefully… grammer and spelling always fun to check…

don’t forget about those back up schools…they could be the school you end up at…and if you really don’t know where to go stay in state and save your rents and yourself some money…

and do all the scholorships you can… find them and ask your guidence department…

recommendations…ask right away…your teachers have enough work to deal with…and make copies so you have it for other applications…

DEADLINES…ooo those are annoying but important… set up a calender and star the due dates…paying extra application fees or missing you deadline for early action or whatever isn’t very fun…

that’s just my 2 cents in about this…but yeah like i said GOOD LUCK!!! ENJOY YOUR SENIOR YEAR!!! (i sorta forgot to do that a bit at times… i never got senioritis…) and congrats for making it this far…only a bit longer…time flies for sure…