Class of '07, Where Are You Applying?

Well the class of '06 did it. Now it’s our turn.

So, Class of 2007…Where are you applying?

I’m applying at (in order of preference):
Clarkson University(Early Decision…if my parents let me)
Florida Institute of Technology
University of Central Florida
Rochester Institute of Technology
MIT (My mom is making me)

Major: Computer Engineering
Minor: Business

After that I’m going to get a degree in teaching, but I’ll worry about that later :smiley:

Cedarville Univ.
Univ. of Findlay
??? (various Ivy Leagues so I can say that I got accepted, if I do)
Not sure

I want to Major in Bio so I can get into vet school - I want to work with horses

Clarkson University (No, not because Michelle wants to go there)
George Washington University (my brother '94] and sister '98] both went there…)
Purdue University
University of Central Florida (Yay for backups)
University of Illinois
University of Rochester
Washington University - St. Louis (where my brother is currently a law professor)

Yay! my turn! I’m probably gonna study Mechanical Engineering, and maybe minor in accounting or some other business degree

Where I’m definetly Applying:
Drexel University
Catholic University of America
University of Dayton (happy Joe?)
Clarkson University
Rutgers (New Brunswick, and probably my safety)

Others I still have to consider heavily but have no clue where to put them:
Rochester Institute of Technology
Northeastern University
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Manhattan College

Just a tid bit of advice for all you underclassmen out there, if you haven’t yet, go to a few schools and request some info, don’t go to the Ivy Leagues, look at some of the smaller schools, like many of those I’ve listed and many others have too.

And for historical purposes:
Class of 06
Class of 05
Class of 04
Class of 03
Class of 02

Where am I planning on applying?

Purdue (FRC 461 1646 1747)
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (aka IUPUI) (FRC 234 1024)
Ball State University (FRC 1720)
Northwestern of Ohio (Raceteam, yes, it’s a class)
Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne (aka IPFW) (FRC 1022)
Indiana University (yes, against my will) (FRC 1272)

Major: Technical Education
Minor: Motorsports Marketing (I might flip flop my major and minor.)

(As you can tell, I also want to be a college mentor)

Virginia Tech (Compsci)
Florida State University (amazing engineering programs)
JMU(party for my first two years before transferring to VT)
MIT (lolol funnay)

I am surprised on the amount of people applying for Rochester area.

Good luck to the class of 07!

Just to note, if you know where you’re going or think you know where you want to apply, great, but if you have no idea, don’t feel like you’re behind the curve, you just need more time. I have to say in August of my senior year I had no intention to go to Virginia Tech, where I am now, with the intention of studying electrical engineering.

Keep your options open. Even if you’re not sure, don’t put it off, but work extra hard to get information about schools that even spark your interest a little bit. Visit schools, visit schools, visit schools. No amount of promotional literature can give you the true atmosphere of the school, pay it a visit. Keep up with the deadlines, they’ll be here faster than you think!

Keep those grades up, keep your options open, and good luck, you’ll do fine!

Class of 2010, Virginia Tech

These are the schools I’m thinking of applying to. They are all very different but each have something I really like.

Franklin W. Olin college of Engineering
University of Pennsylvania (early)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cooper Union
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Stanford University
Carnegie Mellon University
Deep Springs College (just kidding :ahh: )

(This is still a very early list that will probably change in the coming months.)

Well, I’ve been waiting for this thread since I joined CD. And now that it’s here…I don’t know what to reply with! :ahh: I’ll let you guys know when I have a more finalized list, though.

wow i cant believe the time is almost near to send in those applications…

Albright College
Hofstra University
Champlain College
Westfield State College
Central Connecticut State University

Check this out, if you want more info on colleges & universities:

U.S. News & World Report is giving free access Best Colleges Premium Online Edition through the end of August courtesy of Chrysler.

(In order of my perogative)

Carnegie Mellon
Penn State (Double yay for backups)

(The next two I’m applying for, but I’ll have to finish the cold fusion flying car before I submit the application)

Franklin Olin College

Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, perhaps with a generous sprinkling of Computer Science to back up any hopes of a career in robotics.

Good luck to all of you with college aps. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, to ask for people to proofread essays or even just give you a nudge in the right direction.

Remember, scholarships scholarships scholarships!!! Tuition is sky-high…you will probably need one or two.

MIT(possible early action)
Cornell(possible early decision), I really like this school
Rutgers (New Brunswick)
U Maryland
Johns Hopkins
UC Berkeley
London School of Economics

An ambitious list, but I figured I worked hard through high school so I might as well apply to a lot of schools. Good luck to all applying this year.


Possible Majors: Mechanical Engineering and/or Finance
Possible Minor: Applied Mathematics

why? Everyone wants to come to Rochester to hang out with you muscles…

If I have one piece of advice to give to the Class of 2011, here it is: Start your essays early! If you wait until school starts and the homework starts piling on, you will be even less motivated to work on them! Make these last few days of summer count! Then when you are done sending out the applications and have to start working on scholarship essays, it won’t seem nearly as bad.

That being said, I should probably be packing instead of posting on CD. It turns out it’s really hard to fit your whole life on a 20gb iPod.

Summer? What is this summer thing you speak of? I’ve been in school for 2 and a half weeks :ahh: already! Today my technical teacher did the annual “Senior Field trip” where he brings us up to the front office to fill out applications for appointments with the county’s financial aid advisers.

Rochester is awesome!! It’s only 4 hours north of my family that lives in NY. It’s my “NY Safety” school, in case Clarkson doesn’t work out, like UCF is my “FL Safety” if FIT doesn’t work out :smiley:

After observing the senior year process for a few go rounds, I think a survival kit should be given out containing these items:
safety goggles
crash helmets
(in school colors of course)
These are for all the looming deadlines that zoom in from every direction.

I also think seniors going through the process should be given daily doses of generous smiles and treats of their choice. KK’s, awful-awfuls, White Castles, and chocolate chip cookies come to mind.

Feel free to share the crash helmets with your loved ones. Snacks, too… :slight_smile:
Rock on '07

I’m probably applying to (in some order):

  • WPI
  • Rose-Hulman Institute
  • University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
  • Michigan Tech

BTW, am I a “transfer student” if I’m dual-enrolling?