Class of 2002!!!!!

Hey, all, i’ve talked to a few of you already who are graduating this year…Just wondering what your plans are for next year. Going to college? Community or University? State or private? Local or out of state? Or is anyone going straight to a job? Doing what?
Me, i’m staying local. Fully two-thirds of my class is going to community college. I am one of the privileged few heading off to University…even if it is only a state school.
CSU Northridge!!! i’m there! Anyone else??

I’m graduating this year!!! Woohooo… I’m finally getting out!!! YES!!! Right now I’m tryign to decide where to go and quickly running out of time… Clarkson or WPI? anyone have thoughts on where I should attend school?

Yeah thats what I like to see, representing for the Class of 2002. I cant wait yet I dread graduation in May. One more step til “the real world.” What a scary thought. But I’m not gunna let it get me down, party in Florida!! Hey I just got a room at All Star Sports, and since I’m on my own, party for Seniors at my room!! Or have some kind of huge bash for hs seniors…

Pamela: go for WPI!
My choice was between WPI and Syracuse U but Syracuse also has an incredible amount of opportunities in careers outside of engineering. So Syracuse it is! But if anyone who is hardcore engineering and has a chance to attend WPI, go for it!

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**I’m graduating this year!!! Woohooo… I’m finally getting out!!! YES!!! Right now I’m tryign to decide where to go and quickly running out of time… Clarkson or WPI? anyone have thoughts on where I should attend school? **
Easy choice (well it would be for me): WPI. Don’t ask me why though.

i am so ready to get out of hs. isu (iowa state) all the way:cool:

well i am going into the marines for four years.

I’ll be in Southern California along with you amy beth but I’ll be off to UCLA, wohoo!

I’m going to the University of Maryland, College Park next year. They have the only accredited undergraduate Fire Protection Engineering major in the country. Plus, it’ll be pretty cool to possibly sit in a class with players from the NCAA mens national champion basketball team.

29 school days left for me now (though 2 will be spent in Disney and the last 14 or so are just picnics and assemblies and parties).

Just a quick question…
Do any other schools still play a Powderpuff game (Senior girls vs. Junior girls in football, boys cheerlead)? If so, you shoud be proud to know that we as the Parkville High School Class of 2002 are the first class in 6 years at my school to won as both Juniors and Seniors.

Actually WPI also has a Fire Protection Engineering course. One if its best kep secrets, well according to its course catalogue. But it’d be sweet be representing the Terps!

I can’t beleive it! I have only 13 days of school remaining and 28 days till i graduate! I’m actaulyl scared! I’m gonan miss all my friends! oh well! BASIC TRAINING HERE I COME! HEHE!
I leave for basic 5 JUL 02! Can’t wait! The ARMY ahs me for 8 years…man I feel bad for them! LoL!
Anyone else going military?!
Hey to the dood goin to the marines…Email me you can;t tell im in the military by my emai lcan ya?!?!=)

Love ya


And to all the grads, I hope that we’ll see you guys out at the competitions again next year…You all seem to have been big parts of your respected teams, it would be a shame to lose all of you!

FIRST isnt losing me just yet!
I attend the university that is partnered with team 31, and every year we start a new team. So for the 2003 season I will be leading our new team whoever they might be (we host a scaled down FIRST type competition and whoever wins gets our mentorship) havning a 4 digit number will be quite a change for me, it just seems so bizzare. So look out for my rookies next year!


I’m planning on going to the local community college to get some basic credits out of the way. On the bright side I get to hang around and become a mentor on the team next year. :slight_smile: Our teacher even said that I might be able to be a chaperone haha

Yea… i’m goin to Temple University in the heart of Philadelphia next year… anyone else headed there? Luckily, its close to my H.S., only like 30 mins… so i can drive out and compete as alumni… yay… but i’m not an engineering student… its BTMM for me… (Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Mass Media.) imma be a star… ok… no i’m not… but i can dream…

I know someone thats at Drexel in phili…That near you?

11.5 more school days… then it’s off to IUPUI

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**I know someone thats at Drexel in phili…That near you? **

Yea… Drexel is like a 20 - 25 min drive… plus… thats where the Philly Alliance Regional is held…

Ahhh, coolies.

2002 w00tw00t!


We rawk0rs your b0x0rs.

I really wanted to go to WPI, but instead I’m going to the state university, which just happends to be the University of Connecticut. And for anyone out there that likes college basketball, I AM NOT GOING THERE TO PLAY BASKETBALL! Sorry but everytime i mention that i’m going to UCONN people automatically assume that i’m going there to play basketball. It gets annoying after a while. lol the only sport i’m good at is badminton.