Class of 2004

Granted I know there is one out there for this year’s graduating class - but that doesn’t represent 04.

While looking at the lovely AP Student Pack today after my English AP, I began thinking…So where have you guys think you are going to go to college? and the major you are going to do?

I know I am planning on applying to WPI, RIT, Northeastern, Clarkson, BU, RPI, and Georgia Tech and the schools my mother is making to apply to for back up. Majoring in Mech. Engineering, and depending on where I am going, maybe also theatre.

I’m considering applying to Kettering University, Eastern Michigan, and Michigan State Univeristy, my first choice is Kettering University, because it is a really good engineering school. I plan on majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in math.

Live Life to the Fullest!!!

I’m hoping to go to Michigan Technological University. If I don’t get in there, I guess MSOE and University of Wisconsin - Platteville are my second and third choices, respectively.

  • Katie

Heh. At our school students don’t take the English AP until senior year.

Carnegie mellon

UI-Urbana Champaign


Rice U.

maybe Rolla if I have to . .

Forest Park Community College (If All other hope is lost. . . . . )

I know a lot of folks planning to apply to UIUC, I loved CMU when I visited, I’ve heard Harvey-Mudd is great and my crazy awesome cousin is going there next year . . .

Parents went to Rice, and I like the campus (although the ehat and humidity would probably kill me).

Rolla . . . I’ve heard mixed things, and I really would like to leave saint louis more than several hundred miles behind me… . . .

FoPo CoCo is near my school, and our teachers tell us that that is where we will end up unless we work up to their expectations. . . although I may take welding classes there in the near future (I dun git mah PhD in BURNiNATING things.)

The English AP . . . I thought it wasn’t as terrible as everyone said. It was draining, though . . .

But AP US History will be worse. I have 400 years of history to learn . . . . by Friday at 7:30. whimper Only consolation is that I don’t have to tell any colleges about it, and scores come back too late for it to count towards my grade. Thank God.

Erm, AP Physics will be a breeze for me. I don’t need to “work” to own my physics.

Im thinking bout WPI, Clarkson, RIT, UCLA, UC Davis, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz (Perhaps) Santa Clara State, maybe University of AZ where my cousin goes now, ummmm theres probably a few more ive forgotten. Im definitely going to major in engineering, probably mechanical, or aerospace.