Class of 2014 - FIRST Dean's List

We had a thread like this last year, so I figured with week 2 finished it was about time to create another one!

The Dean’s List Finalists are an amazing group of students, and they all deserve our recognition and admiration. It would be awesome if we could get all the winners names posted here, and where possible their nomination essays as well!

Northern Lights

Melissa Daniels - 2826
Ellen Aiken -2491

Arkansas Regional

Courtney Crawford (16)
Isabel Lloyd (1939)

Israel Regional

Rafael Sherbu-Cohen (3316)
Re’em Shenava (4784)

Started one last week; was just about to update the thread. Thanks for reminding me!

For Lake Superior, there were:
Madeleine Logeais - 2177
Rit Bezbaruah - 4818

And Madeleine’s nomination essay:

Team 2177, The Robettes, nominates Madeleine Logeais for the Dean’s List. In her three years on the team, Madeleine has shown the passion, leadership, technical expertise and community outreach indicative of a Dean’s List student. She has grown from an excited freshman prototyping at home to a junior who is one of the best captain’s the team has ever had. Her energy and enthusiasm for all things FIRST know no bounds.

One of our seniors said of Madeleine, “Robots are her life. She’s passionate beyond measure and brings vivacity and joy to everything she does.” Since she joined the team, her passion inspired her parents to join as mentors and encouraged her 7th grade sister to join as well. Her participation doesn’t stop with team meetings, either. She develops concepts outside of meetings and builds prototypes at home. Despite the weather cancelling two meetings at the start of the season, Madeleine’s perseverance and determination led to the development of a design over Google Hangout, and the creation of a CAD model that prepared the team to start final construction earlier in the season than ever before.

Outside of the team, Madeleine has had a huge impact on the community. She helped to arrange for media coverage of the team at an off-season competition that otherwise would have been ignored. When the team needed new drills, she decided to seek sponsorship from The Original Pink Box, a company that has a line of high-quality pink tools. When they declined to partner with the team, Madeleine persevered and led the team to enter a video contest for the company. After posting a high quality video to the company’s Facebook page explaining FIRST, FRC and our team, they reached out to us and invited us to send them a wish-list of products, resulting in a donation of over $1000 worth of equipment.

Madeleine has had an impact within FIRST as well. She helped to start an FLL program in the lower school last year, and has proven herself to be a dedicated mentor, helping that team to earn the Core Values award at an event last fall. In addition to her work with FLL, Madeleine has used any opportunity to help out the greater FRC community. Last fall she helped lead the team in our efforts as one of nine FRC teams participating in the Alpha Test program for the new control system. After fitting last year’s robot with the new system, Madeleine represented the team in New Hampshire during the Alpha Test weekend. She later presented our experience to other Minnesota teams at MN SPLASH to prepare them for the new system.

Madeleine has shown great technical expertise and inquisitiveness over the past three years. As a rookie, she developed more design concepts than any other students, and even built a prototype at home. In her second year, she took on the role of design lead for a multi-jointed arm, a type of mechanism the team had never previously attempted. The arm was both stable and reliable, enabling a 3-level climbing and helping to earn the team the highest rank it has ever achieved in competition. This year, she is helping to lead the team in the use of pneumatics, which the team has not used since its rookie year.

Over the past three years, Madeleine has shown that FIRST is much more than an entry on college resumes - it’s a way of life. She possesses the energy and passion needed to drive an already successful team to new heights. She has been a leader on the team every year, and was the first student to fill a new “junior captain” position. She has some of the strongest technical ability we have ever seen in a student, and combines that with community outreach both larger and more varied than some entire teams manage to do. One of FIRST’s best and brightest, she has both the capability and desire to give back to the program for years to come. She is a role model for other students, she exudes the spirit of FIRST, and her technical ability is unparalleled – Madeleine Logeais deserves this award.