Class of 2017, where are you applying?

So I’ve made threads like these in the past and they seem to go over well. Current seniors feel free to post where you’re applying to college (or if your plan isn’t college feel free to post whatever you are doing). Alumni and mentors can feel free to talk up their schools and offer advice, and students are encouraged to ask questions since this is the time to start applying!

If anyone has questions about Clarkson University, I’m currently a sophomore in the MechE department (there are also tons of other robotics alumni that have gone through the school that I can point you towards).

Montana State
Boise State

Electrical Engineering at both.

Syracuse University
Northwestern University
Northeastern University
Boston University
United States Naval Academy
United States Air Force Academy
Washington University
University of Southern California
Cal- Tech

I’m looking to do mechanical or aerospace engineering.

Washington State University
University of WA (uDub)

Computer Science.

Applying to
UNC Charlotte

Accepted to (so far)
Oklahoma State

Mechanical Engineering Technology

I’m currently a sophomore at Purdue majoring in Mechanical Engineering. We have a strong community of FIRST alumni built around Purdue FIRST Programs(PFP), an organization that supports all levels of local FIRST programs through mentorship and hosting events. If anybody has any questions about Purdue or PFP just ask, I can answer questions or direct you to somebody whose experiences more align with your goals.

Sam, I noticed that you mentioned Mechanical Engineering Technology. What interested you about that program? Many incoming students are often confused about the difference between the school of technology and the school of engineering.

Technology attracts me more as I would prefer a more hands on approach to learning. I am also not the strongest math student in the world pushing me towards the easier math classes.

University of Michigan
Lawrence Technological University
Michigan Technological University
Kettering University
Grand Valley State University

For either Biomedical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

Purdue University
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Both for Biomedical Engineering

Colorado State University
University of Colorado Boulder
Colorado school of mines
South Dakota school of mines
University of Virginia

All for mechanical engineering.

I’m currently a Freshman at University of Wisconsin- Madison studying Electrical Engineering. (with a possible double major in Computer Science, but I’m not sure yet)

UW- Madison is a very all-rounded school which is not only is known for their top 15 ranked engineering department in the nation, but is also known for their business, sciences, liberal arts, and nursing departments. Lot’s of major companies from Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, and across the nation come looking for students for internships, co-ops, and entry level jobs at UW-Madison. If you are interested in the Electrical/Computer Engineering department, UW-Madison provides a unique plan where you can double major with Computer Science along with those degrees with no additional classes required. (They’ll just replace your professional breadth electives with CS classes)

So far UW- Madison does not have a FIRST alumni community, but I’m working towards making a FIRST alumni community by connecting with fellow FIRST alumni across campus.

If anybody has any questions about UW- Madison, please feel free to PM me! I’m happy to answer any questions.

Oregon State
Cal Poly
University of Washington

Georgia Institute of Technology
Virginia Tech
North Carolina State University
University of North Carolina Charlotte

Looking to do Aerospace Engineering, but not totally decided yet

University of Idaho
Colorado School of Mines
Boise State University
Northern Arizona University

Majoring in Mechanical Engineering and, potentially, Spanish

UC Berkeley
Stony Brook
City College of New York
Hunter College

Gonna major in Computer Science

UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC Santa Cruz
Cal Poly
University of Manchester
University of Edinburgh
University of St. Andrews
University of Birmingham
University of Rochester
Major is Materials Science and Engineering for most

aka I’m dying

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Cal Poly SLO
UC Davis, Berkeley, LA

Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering

A note to all the people that want to major in biomedical engineering in undergrad: I did some research over the summer, and supposedly, companies don’t like to hire people with biomedical engineering degrees over say mechanical or chemical engineering degrees. The biomedical engineering major right now is to broad, while mechanical gives you the core concepts. I am still interested in doing biomedical engineering, which is why I am doing M.E. in undergrad and B.M.E for my masters.

Just trying to help you all out. Good Luck!

Case Western Reserve University
Georgia Tech
probably a few more

Mechanical engineering (possibly aerospace)


I love how so many of us are applying to the same engineering schools.

Grade 12 student from Canada here.

What I’m applying to starting with my top choice:

University of Waterloo - Mechatronics Engineering
McMaster University - Engineering
University of Western Ontario - Engineering
Queen’s University - Engineering

AFAIK most universities in Canada have a general first year, except Waterloo since engineering is co-op only and starts during year one.