Class or Club?!

At your school, does Robotics take place during school as a class, or after school as a club? Sachem’s is a club.

At our school, it is currently acknowledged as a club, which is how it should be. But next year, it will supposedly be acknowledged as a class. I sure hope that doesn’t happen.

Team how bout we’re a team…better than ne club

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**Team how bout we’re a team…better than ne club **

we definitely not a class…considerin’ we have all the way from 8th-12th grade. Guess u could call it a club, but yah, we’re a team.

Where is the choice for an after school class? :wink: That’s what we are. Our first semester class meets every Monday from 5:30-8:30. I believe students get a general science credit for the class, but I’m not sure. We have been talking about making the first semester class mandatory for participation second semester, but I don’t know if it has happened yet.

We attempt to introduce the new students to FIRST and teach them enough about the project & team so they aren’t totally lost in January. The newer students also work a mini-competition which for the past two years used drive bases & a toy connector set (can’t remember the name) lent to us by the Technokats (thanks!) plus other raw materials.

We break the experienced students up into smaller groups (mechanical, electrical, software, web, animation, etc) and work on in-depth, hands-on activities. Aside from that some of the experienced students work on CDI where they design & build the bot for competition.

Second semester we meet every Monday for announcements and to summarize what each sub-team has done the past week. Each team obviously meets as required on other nights. Most of the work & learning is done in each sub-team’s meetings.

Attendence & participation are tacked at each meeting and both play a part in determining students’ grades.

Any questions?


:wink: Our club (team 1694) is allways a club it dose’nt teach. We have tutoring for Mathemaatics, but thats it for teaching. :frowning:

Hopefully next year our club will turn to a club/classe.:cool:

Cybersonics itself is a team that takes place after school. Since our team was started, the school has added robotics and animation classes to its curiculum. So, although its not considered a class, the school has added classes that benefit team members and introduce other students to the world of FIRST and those that dont have enough time to join the team.

our school has a robotics and physics class that anyone can take its a physics credit we spread the word of FIRST a lot trough that class but our actually team is a club i didnt vote becuase i dont know what to put

Our team is more of a club, but we offer several Project Lead the Way classes at our high school that can help to train the students on our team.

Team 1403 is considered as a team (just like sports). We are also considered as the reason why the Engineering department came to be. :slight_smile:

Our robotics team is a club, but it has alway been my dream to go to robotics in the middle of the school day. It would definitely be my favorite class.

At our school it takes place as a club. but there are engineering classes offered.

We have PLTW (project lead the way) classes that quite a few of our members take. However, I can’t vote class or club, because to me robotics is more of a team/second family. We spend too much time together to simply be a club, and we don’t have a “robotics” class.

—Or maybe, “Home away from home?”:rolleyes:

Currently, it is a club and probably will be that way for a long time, but that would be an amazing way to learn about robotics!

We are currently considered a club, and I don’t see that changing anytime in the near future. However, our lead coach is the physics teacher, and she finds ways to integrate FIRST and the team into the class. The first school day after kickoff the homework is to come up with a design for the robot and a strategy for gameplay.:slight_smile:

1618 refers to itself as a team, but it’s classified as a club. The head teacher is Columbia High’s PLTW instructor, and there is some overlap between the team and the PLTW kids, but the two are not officially interconnected.

School considers it a club… I however consider it a team :wink:

There is absolutely NO way that thats gonna happen, why, because there isn’t enough support from the parents at the school, remind me again HOW MANY KIDS BOTHERED COMING TO CHAMPIONSHIP?

Thats exactly why,
1694’s mentor might turn over to mentor team 1402, thats right 1402 might be back next year
now to tell you how it worked at MY school (Freedom High School, 1402)

It was a dual class/club

ie: the teacher would teach classes, but would have small classes mixed in bewteen, for example, his first year, all the students in his 6th period were on the robotics team, so we turned it into a robotics class, (we got college credits for electrical, and our teacher made it count as a AP class) we would practice with labs and mind storm kits etc. during the fall and get a jump on build during the spring, do scouting online, that type of stuff. probably my favorite class in high school while it lasted.

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