Class rings

Just to let anyone whos school uses jostens ring company for their class rings, after numerous letters from some of the members of our team. We convinced them co create a first Design a side.Just letting you all know.

It is pretty cool.



Wow, that’s awesome!
I didn’t get a class ring, but if I would have been able to get one with the FIRST logo on it, I probably would have tried!

Kudos to your hardwork in getting that on your ring.

thanks so much. this design is availible with customizable lettering “Susan” is just the demo name. and is availible to anyone getting a jostens ring.

I might have to get one now. I skipped it last year, but maybe I’ll drop the cash for it now.

When I purchased mine last year the FIRST logo was not in the book they gave us. However, after talking to the guy it is one of there standard sides that you can get for no extra cost, you just have to ask them about it. I dont recall if the standard one have your name/team number or if it is just the logo. You are given one free remake of your ring, so I have been planning on having it sent back but I have not gotten around to it.

I’ve not got a ring yet (I’m only entering Junior year in two days) but when I do I should remember to get that.

Thanks to everybody who made it possible. <3

Sweet. I haven’t gotten my ring eiter. I had a design idea, but now it’s going to get changed. Keeping the bike, but changing the trombone for the FIRST symbol, definitley. Like said before, thanks to all of you who are persistant enough to make that available for everyone!

Jostens made some great Championship rings for Team 987 months ago…

Oh man… I already have a ring :frowning: I would’ve definitely loved to have put that on there… major props to you for setting that up!


Is there something special i have to put on the order form to get the FIRST logo on there?

just choose that design a side. the design number is CT7. so you just put that number on the order form. You can also have the text say “team x”. “susan” is just the demo pic.

That would be quite strange for everybody whose name is not Susan if their class ring said Susan.

I think it would be funny , but yes at the same time stupid

you know that jostens allows you to have one re-make. just letting you know.

Ditto all of the way. I got my ring my freshman year and now I really wish i would have waited.

I held off getting mine my freshman year, mostly because I wasn’t there when they did the ring stuff.

I’ll look into it, but I think I already used my freebie. Lost it / got stolen within the first year, so I had them make a new one then…

This is cool and all, but to give credit where it is due, team 476 out of Ponca City, OK did this 4 years ago.

It’s great the Jostens is continuing to do this, but 476 blazed the trail.

Andy B.

We got it in the book and allowed everyone to get it without haveing to deal with the $500 setup fee weither the sales guy paid for it or not. we made it availible to everyone.

Thanks a whole bunch to teams 476 and 811 for “Blazing the Trail” and making sure the ring design is available to all!