Class rings

I’m not trying to rain on your parade because it seems like you spent time on this but lats year when I went to get my ring I could have gotten the FIRST logo for no extra charge.

In all reality it doesnt matter who was first all that matters is that first is spreading its influence.

When I ordered mine I got the logo on mine, I get it in less than two weeks, the only thing is I forgot to get 237 on the side of the logo… oh well…


I listed all of the companies with FIRST rings in a different thread.

edit: sorry to perpetuate this topic, meant to reply to the most recent class ring thread, and accidentally did this one instead.

im getting one for xmas

I just got mine a couple days ago and it looks sweet. And somewhere above me it was said that you got your ring but no number. if you got it through jostens they do one free remake.

i have a digital pic of mine and should be getting it in a few weeks but it was in the booklet for choosing the symbols

Wow that is a very fancy ring. What school is that? and Did you get it through jostens because my Logo looks a little different.

yea it was in the jostens brochure and my school is ww-p hsn royal robotics in NJ

I’ve seen it, I saw someone who got it on hers a few years back… but when I tried to ask about it my sophomore year, they didn’t have it… :frowning:

My mom might let me remake it, but I’d be afraid I wouldn’t get it back before graduation.