Classic Moments in FIRST

Describe your “classic” FIRST moments… Moments where you know a camera should have been rolling…

I’ll start first…

Have your teacher talk to another mentor while subconciously holding a red piece of cloth and turning on your robot’s color follow autonomous program to scare the crap out of the teacher standing five feet in front of the robot.


Durning a programming break, play the Text Twist web game from Yahoo and fail to go on to the next level because you couldn’t guess the six letter word… only to find out two minutes later that it was “STUPID”

ahahahaha classic…

At an FLL regional, I met my old middle school robotics teacher who was (of course) mentoring the school’s team. He was reading a book at the end of the table where they had a laptop running, when I went up to him and said, “Aren’t you keeping an eye on your team?”
“They can take care of themselves.”
I looked over at the computer and saw what program they were using, “Yeah, they seem to be doing really fine at pinball.”