classmate crashing problem

Classmate is recently has been crashing often on the developer user.:mad: we are experiencing random crashes even when the system is doing nothing. we have tried scanning for virus and reg errors. nothing is stopping the blue screen from coming on and crashing it. :mad: :mad: :mad:

You can save your code to a memory stick, then try restoring the Classmate from the Restore stick that came in the KOP.
Then reapply the latest LabVIEW and Driver Station Updates (and Java and Windriver if you are using those).

I tried that earlier, but when I booted from the Restoration Key USB (second option on the recovery option - USB: Sandisk…) I only got a black screen with a blinking underscore. I left it for an hour and still nothing.

any help please, this is a big problem for us.

Hopefully, it’s just a problem with the Restoration USB stick.
If you can borrow another stick from a nearby team, try that.

Otherwise, I’d call the 2goPC hardware help line.