Hi, our team is using the 2010 classmate this year with labview. I found out that FRC sent out an image key that freed up 5gb of hard drive space, however I am having trouble understanding what the instructions mean on renaming the certain files - do they mean converting the file types? I went ahead and renamed them however the imaging did not work - for the second time, I still only have 1.96gb left. Is there any way that I can fix up this problem?
If some one could help that would be help full, Thanks!

Hello there, our team has been able to successfully set up our Classmate with the additional 5 GB of space.

I will explain the procedure in a little more detail:


As you probably have already done so, these three files from the zip file must be placed on the desktop, or someplace accessible.

Now, plug in your restoration key files that you got from this year:
Change the current AUTOINSTALL.CMD filename to AUTOINSTALL.CMD.BAK

If you are having trouble on this part, you know you right-click files to rename them by choosing the ‘Rename’ option. The reason you’d want to do that is just in case something goes wrong, you can later rename those back to the defaults and restore the system.

Once you have renamed these files in the restoration key, drag the three files that were on your desktop into the restoration key. If you did the renaming, then it will not ask if you would like to overwrite the files. Once you are done with that, reinstall the system to your Classmate.

However, I bet there was something else wrong with the renaming process. Did you make sure you had the file extensions showing? You could have just renamed them without realizing that you did not change the extension. Make sure you try this process and see if you actually changed the file extensions and not just the filenames:
Step 1) Open up My Computer
Step 2) Click Tools -> Folder Options in the Menu Bar
Step 3) Choose the View tab and make sure “Hide extensions for known file types” is unchecked.
Hopefully you will be able to rename the files and reinstall it with success. If not, could you elaborate some more on what is happening?

WOW! I sure am not used to Windows 7, I’ll try the tip on the renaming the files however just to make sure I am doing this correctly; the file extensions on the two files that are to be “renamed” are to be changed, correct?

Correct, once you have the option “Hide extensions for known file types” unchecked, you should see the filenames with the extensions behind them.

The two files will be renamed exactly:
on the recovery image.

If you are changing the “Hide extensions for known file types” option in Windows 7, you may not have known that pressing the ‘Alt’ key revealed the menu bar, which is by default hidden in most Explorer Windows.

Good luck, hope it works out.

I renamed the files correctly however I am still not getting any freed up gigs. Here are all the files that appear on the root directory (I’m not sure if I should delete the AUTOINSTALL.CMD and the DISKPARTSCRIPT.TXT):



To restore the 5GB is not to “fix” but “reimage” with a fixed reimaging key by adding the “fixed files” onto the key to “replace” the original ones that you made backups of. Do not delete any of the files or the key is completely useless if you mess up.

Ok, thank you for clarification. I redownloaded the files just to be safe, I’ll give it another try and report my results.

I ran the reimage and it still is not working…Im out of Ideas as well