Classmate Image '09 Download

So my team is in a pickle. As I was preparing the broken(?) USB from the KOP to make it bootable again, I reformatted it without backing up the contents. We’re not really in close contact with any local teams, so can anyone from CD provide a copy of what was on their USB?

I tried searching the FRC website for something suitable, but I only found a document to setup the 2012 programs on the 2011 classmate. I did this and no-go, the cRIO imaging software started up with missing library errors. I’ll keep trying to work it out, but I think it would be easier to reimage at this point.

From the document for the fix

“If for any reason you have questions, run into issues, or prefer to not do this procedure please contact [email protected] for assistance or a replacement USB drive for your Classmate PC.”

I’m not really looking for a new USB drive (although I guess it does seem to be offered). I just need what was on it, which presumably most people on this forum should have access too. Granted, I’ll probably have to wait til morning…

So wait, are you asking us to extract the software from the USB and send it to you?

I’m not sure if that would fully work, but you could try.
If you need me to do it, I can.

-Eagle Engineering 1138

If you could, that would be great. I sent that email address a message explaining the issue, but even if they did send one I can’t imagine it arriving quickly.

I’ll need ALL of what was on the USB drive (make sure it is the classmate one, not the NI software one! I made that mistake a few times). The classmate image might be a few GB, which could be an issue… Do you perchance know how to use torrents?

Yes actually I do, but I would need to do it tomorrow at about 2:00-3:00 PST. When I get to school I will let you know how large it is and whether I can use a torrent (school prob won’t let me use their network for the torrent :P).
Is that good?

Thanks! You saved me from being subject to too much ridicule :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to watch this thread.

I PM’d u about the details