Classmate Issues

I looked around for the LabView activation and got that working, but AVG keeps popping up, asking me to re-enter my license number. I have no clue what I should do. I want to strip the Classmate down to bare minimums, but it might be against the rules to really change anything on the Developer account for the classmate. Can someone clarify?

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Read section #2 here

Look at page 30 for the code.

Thanks a ton. I’ll have to dig around to see if I’ll be able to modify the Classmate’s start-up config.

I worked to setup about 12 classmates at the DC Kitbot build yesterday. There were several anomalies in the setup versus the directions.

About half of the units already had the SVG key installed.

After applying the driver station update and restarting, all the classmate pc’s would “auto login” to the driver account and attempt to start the driver station software. The ds would not run because nicyapi.dll could not be found. This seems to be an ni version of the cypress cyapi.dll.

Using “Windows Key”+L I return to the login screen and select developer account. From there a search for the file does not turn up anything. Reinstall of the update does not do anything. Repair of the driver station portion of the install does not fix the problem.

Just to close the loop on this for those on CD, the missing .dll issue was diagnosed and resolved over in the board. Current workaround is to download the missing file manually, hopefully a corrected update including the missing .dll will be posted in a few days.

The thread discussing the issue is at:

The missing file (nicyapi.dll) and instructions are at:

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Just a quick Q.
Should we still update EVEN if we do not seem to have the missing file?
Would there be any point in it besides having the .dll?

The diagnostics tab of the driver station contains the version number. You will want to update to the one created in Jan of 10, not one created in 09. If your version number is good, you are good for now.

Greg McKaskle

Kind of off topic, but Kudos to you for getting the username “ROFLcopter.” I wish I had thought of that.

Wierd… I went through the update and everything, and either FIRST fixed the .dll issues or I didn’t seem to have this issue. So the question NOW is do we need to install the .dll or is FIRST fine if we don’t seem to have the issue and don’t get the .dll?

According to the NI support page, the problem only occurs if you install the driver-station update and THEN install the Labview update.

If you do Labview update first, then the DS update, then you won’t lose your DLL file.

I appreciate the credit. :slight_smile: