Classmate PC hates us :(

Last night, I double checked the Classmate PC to make sure all updates were installed and that everything was ready for our programming team to program. This afternoon, we turned on the PC and it loads straight into the driver station and will not allow us to get out of it. :mad:

What do we do? :confused:

Click the big red “Exit” button on the Setup tab.

If you don’t have a big red “Exit” button on the Setup tab, you have a non-updated Driver Station. Try pressing control-alt-delete, then log on as the Developer and immediately apply the Driver Station update. (Run the update twice, first telling it to uninstall the files, then telling to install them again. This will work around a problem with updating the Dashboard application.)

In the future, if you don’t want to boot automatically into the Driver account when you turn on the Classmate, hold down the Shift key until you see the Windows login screen.

We fixed it.

Thank you

You can also log out of the driver account by holding windows key + L