Classmate pc will not boot.

Hi all. Today was the first day since competition that we have tried to use our classmate. We plugged the charger in and tried to turn it on and it won’t boot what so ever. There are no beeps, no hardrive activity, and the screen doesn’t turn on at all. All that happens is the power light turns on and the num and caps lock blink. We have tried to turn it one without the battery when it was plugged in and now the battery is fully charged. Has anyone had a similar problem and how did you solve it? Thanks for the help. —Ralph.

The num/caps/scroll lock lights are used by the computer as error codes to indicate a problem if it is unable to boot to a point where it can display anything on the screen.

The last time something like this happened to me the memory modules seemed to be at fault. After spending some time trying to diagnose the problem by trying different combinations of slots and modules, whatever it was (it appeared to be the slot itself) reset itself and it worked again.

I know that on a Dell (or at least on the inspiron 1420) flashing num and caps lock means no memory detected. The classmate, however could have different codes. I would check the manufacturer’s website, but they might only publish this information in a repair manual which is probably expensive. other possible issues could be the hard drive, CMOS memory, the processor itself, or some other crucial component. A computer repair place could be the place to go for this one.