classmate problems

hey everyone,

for some reason the classmate freezes whenever i switch between the driver and the developer login. it goes into some weird state between off and on where the screen is black but the green lights say it is on. has anyone else experienced this problem?


I’ve seen that.
I had to cycle power to get it back working.

I’ve had it a couple of times. It seems to happen when developer is logged in while logging off driver. Winkey-L gets me out of driver just fine (It’s switch user. Much faster than logging out then in) and if I need to logout driver I usually end up doing it from control panel on the developer account

Switch User is dangerous on the classmate… it leaves the Driver Station app running in the Driver account. If you forget and try to run it in the developer account too, then it won’t work. It can lead you, or more likely your teammate, down wild goose chases looking for why there is no communication, so I recommend avoiding it altogether.

I’d recommend using the Exit button when you want to leave the Driver account. If you want to develop and drive, use the developer account and run the DS from the Start menu.

Greg McKaskle