Classmate Question: Default Path Location for Driver Dashboard

Quick Question …

I remember reading somewhere about the default location on the ClassmatePC so you can load your custom dashboard VI when logging in as the DRIVER. To date, we’ve had to login as DEVELOPER and run it manually.

My CD search came up empty … and I’ve perused the PDF’s on the FRC site … but for the life of me I cannot find the doc/link/tips page where I read about it last week.

Could somebody please point me in the right direction? Thx!

The location of the dashboard is c:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard\Dashboard.exe. If you need to change the path further, you can modify the ini file in the shared documents directory.

Greg McKaskle

how do you change the dashboard vi’s to an exe? or do you not need to?

You need to “BUILD” the dashboard project, and then take the resulting EXE file, rename it, and place it in the directory noted above.

I looked ALL OVER for the build button while in the dashboard project, and finally found it, I think, by right-clicking on the VI from the project view window.

(if I remember correctly)

Expand build specifications, and right click on the dashboard build specification and choose build.