Classmate question

On our classmate the section that has slot 1 and slot 4 with the pwm readings don’t change for us when we use them. The same with the relay, analog input, and Gpio sections. For example the motors will move when we run our program, which changes the pwm reading, but the readings on the classmate screen do not change. What can we do to fix this? :ahh:

What language are you using to program your robot? The dashboard data stream is automatically sent by the LabVIEW robot framework. I think you need to enable it explicitly if you’re using C++.

Put your robot up on blocks so it doesn’t run away and then try holding down a button or pushing forward a joystick for a long time (2-3 sec). See if the value shows up then on your Classmate.

We have seen this happen (at least with LabVIEW) and we are guessing that it’s because the robot only sends dashboard data some of the time to save on processing power. Every 50 calls it only sends certain things about once. We wanted to update faster, so we went into the build dashboard data VI and added some extra calls for certain cases that we wanted sent more often (digital, a custom case). We have not tested this yet (robot isn’t ready), so it may not work. It might slow down the robot/driver station too much. But maybe this is your problem.

We are using Java

Look at the dashboard example project for the code to update the displays on the LabVIEW dashboard.