Classmate Reimaging (FIRST USB drive) fails

I have the same issue as this guy in the FIRST Forum.

I have used the 2011 FIRST USB update for the 2010 veteran Classmate. It ran, installed the software, and I pulled it out and restarted the computer. It loaded to Windows Error Recovery. I select an item, and in differing amounts of time a blue screen quickly flashes (which I can’t see what it says) and then the computer reboots.

Has anybody else had this problem, and has a solution been found? I am wondering if wiping the Classmate’s SSD and plugging in the USB and then installing the image will work.

we are having the same issue but with an acer netbook as our DS trying to image the hard drive.

We have emailed frcteams, frcparts, and posted in the Q&A, anyone??

I have more information on my error to see if it matches yours. Something is wrong with our CLASSPNP.sys file, as showin the boot loading list when you boot up Windows in Safe Mode.

I believe the solution is here ( I haven’t tried it yet but I am about to.

It appears that we have been able to resolve the issue. We borrowed another team’s 2011 Update for 2010 Classmate and ran the CTL autoinstaller from there, which completely resolved the issue. Upon further investigation, the two flash drives (ours’, and the one that worked) were slightly indifferent, with a different file called E09IMAGE vs. E11IMAGE (the E09 was the one that worked), and different sizes of the INSTALL.WIM file. The flash drive that worked had its file size as 2,998,889KB, while the non-working one was 3,127,726KB.

From these results, I have to conclude that we were sent the flash drive with the wrong image (perhaps the 2011 Update for 2011 Classmates badged incorrectly?). The BSoD (Blue Screen) error we were receiving indicated some sort of error with boot-class drivers, and maybe the connection between the hard drive and the motherboard - especially changing the modes of the SATA controllers. However (completely hypothetical), the 2010 Classmate is a Parallel ATA-type solid-state drive. Maybe, the 2011 one is a SATA drive.

Either way, our issue - caused by FIRST - has been remedied. I suggest anyone else with this problem tries to borrow a flash drive from another team.


This is very helpful, our team has had a similar problem that caused the USB to reformat itself because there was an error in the initial installation due to an error that occured because of the USB. We’ve already borrowed another USB from another team and it was reformatted again by the computer, and we know it was not because of us since DOS gave us no options it auto booted and reformatted.

When the USB is booting and installing, it appears to format a drive (as to do a clean install) but the drive it chooses automatically seems to be its own drive. That’s the best guess I have to the problem that is occuring.

Is it possible for anyone to upload the IMG file so we can create a bootable usb from it? Any other suggestions for us?

Anything is appreciated!

Thank you!

Victor Mota
Team 919

We had the same problem, bad flash drive. We were able to reinstall last years driver station image and then update it for a short term fix. The only long term fix we were able to find is to find another team with a working flashdrive and use theirs.

This is the same thing that has happened to us also. Did anyone have the IMG file to upload? We’re going to try to borrow another team’s USB but we’d rather not have the same error happen a second time.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Trying to Help