Classmate Repair

Hello CD,

So last year someone tripped over our classmate’s power adapter, damaging the power jack. As a result, our classmate will no longer charge, and is inoperable. We then sent a message to CTL asking for help. Here was their reply.

The problem sounds as if there may be something wrong with the d/c jack on the unit itself. We would be able to service the unit for you, though this would be a non-warranty repair. You would be responsible for any labor, parts, and shipping costs incurred. Please let me know if you would like to get this unit repaired.

Is there anyone who has had to make such repairs in the past? If the price is too high (200+), we would rather buy a newer computer.


simply figure our what the size letter is of your jack order one from radioshack and solder it into place or I would sooner recommend getting a new laptop with atleast 4GB and a 500GB hard drive running windows 7 pro, If your school uses windows you can most likely visit your IT and they can give you windows 7 pro.

Are team uses 3 drivers stations
Main: Macbook with windows 7 pro

2nd: Compaq with windows 7 pro

3rd: classmate with windows 7 pro

4th: the kwik byte blue box

We fixed ours ourselves last year.

An experienced technician performed the operation.

I asked our Auto-tech/engineering teacher to disassemble the classmate, and the power jack was damaged. So it looks like we will have to find a new jack.

Thanks guys.

Also, during competition, one our mentors loaned us a laptop to use as a driver station. It was almost out of charge. We discovered if if you disconnect the power supply provided on the field at the the block/adapter part, you can plug most other laptop adapters into it! Just a tip.

Thanks for the Easter egg except it doesn’t apply to our mac but we usually go down to the power strip and see if their are any additional slots. Also radio shack has whatever you need.