ClassMate says no robot code?

The ClassMate says that their is comunnication but no robot code. Can anyone help me?

I can think of a few possible reasons this could occur. Did you…
…actually download code to the robot and then restart the cRIO?
…reimage the ClassMate and the cRIO (using the cRIO imaging tool on the labview disc) to the latest versions?
…select the right development environment with the imaging tool?
…select the right file to send to the robot in preferences (may only apply to WindRiver, possibly LabView and Netbeans)?

Try these possible solutions and see if any of them do the trick.

If none of these work, and you’re using C++ make sure of…

  • Have the correct executable selected in Window->Preferences->FIRST Downlaoder Preferences
  • Have all your network settings correct - occasionally Windriver likes to upload to a non-existant target connection without reporting an error :smiley:

We encountered something similar after getting the cRIO, Classmate etc reimaged: the code which happily ran our robot last season created the ‘no robot code’ problem. Various versions of the code all failed: this was with last season’s robot, no hardware changes, it all should have run fine. We loaded the sample program provided in WindRiver [Simple Robot example, I believe] and had no problem.
I recommend that you try loading one of the example projects given in WindRiver, just to verify that it is not the same issue we had.

Incidentally, does anyone know why we had that problem? We’ve been theorizing that WindRiver/WPILibs had been changed enough to render the code unreadable, but it seems a bit odd.

Most likely your code was crashing (possibly due to some change in the library). If you look at the console you should be able to tell why it’s crashing or at least post the crash here so we can take a look.