classmate setup windows problem and labview question

Hi All,

After many hours yesterday, I decided to post these questions, will appreciate any support

I followed the ‘How to set up 2011 ‘driver station’ and I believed classmate imaged OK.
This is a 2010 classmate, so I skipped next two steps: Initial driver Station and Set Up Wizard
Next step: Windows 7 Activation, Ran Classmate_update.bat, I believe it ran OK
Next step: Update Classmate Software: This did not make much sense. The link in documentation was to 2010 upgrades, so I ignored it. At this point, I found three 2011 upgrades: LABview, Utilities, driver station (these worked after installing kit DVD on home lap top)

Problems on classmate:
Every time boot up, Windows does following:
• when turn on: Configure windows update, 0% – runs few minutes
• then displays failing updates: Reverting
• when complete, have 3 log in icons: driver, developer, team

Is there a problem with Windows upgrade, why does this haapen?

Is LABView 8.6 on classmate, I logged into developer to install above upgrade files, but I do not see LABView? I guess I can not develop on classmate (but whio cab see on that screen anyway), I do have dash board & driver station. Do I just run Driver Station upgrade mentioned above? What about Utility upgrade?

Also, how do I know everything is installed correctly with proper revision?

Appreciate your support

After reimaging the Classmate…
(Did you apply the fix to the reimaging stick before using it? description/fix)

  • It does not have LabVIEW installed. You must do that yourself if you want it.
  • It does not automatically login to the Driver account. You can also choose to set that yourself.
  • The extra account can be deleted
  • The Driver Station Update does need to be run
  • Utilities is only useful if you also put LabVIEW (or one of the other programming environments)on the Classmate
    Offhand I’d recommend installing everything on the Classmate, even if you don’t plan to use it for development. That way it can at least act as an emergency backup at competition for your regular programming laptop.

When you boot up the first few times, have the Classmate hooked to the Internet and set the IP to use DHCP. Remember, running the Driver Station software at any time will reset your Classmate IP to the private FRC network.
That’ll allow Windows to download all current updates. It usually finishes update installations on the next reboot.
Our Classmate is still applying Windows updates every time we shut it down…

Not to hi-jack this thread, but how should one go about installing LabVIEW on the Classmate? That is, assuming one does not have access to a USB DVD drive.

A bunch of ways:

  • An external USB DVD drive works.
  • A large memory stick (4GB or better) - copy the entire contents (make sure your PC isn’t setup to hide system files) of the LabVIEW installation DVD onto a large memory stick and install directly from the stick.
    *]Remote network mounting a DVD drive on another PC.

Mark - thank you for input
no, I did not update image stick first, I will do it per attacged procedure and try imaging again

Mark i have copied the dvd but i find that with Windows 7 on it there is not space to install the labview, what can i do to free up space??

Before imaging the Classmate you need to apply this fix to the reimaging stick to free up 5GB. description/fix).

After that you’ll install directly from the thumb drive you copird the LabVIEW DVD onto. Don’t try to copy the contents onto the Classmate desktop or drive.