Classmate troubles

Okay whenever we turn on our classmate we get a “Fatal Error”. It says the registry needs to be updated and to contact the computer manufacturer and that Windows needs to shut down. We cannot even get to see the desktop! This is the first time we turned it on and keeps reoccurring. HELP!

Time to use your system restore that came on the memory stick in the KOP…

If we do this do we lose any necessary programs? If so, what are they?

You won’t lose anything, it’ll be the same as it would have been out-of-the-KOP. The image has LabVIEW and all the other stuff that came pre-installed on the netbook.

Follow the instructions on page 7.

You do have to:

  • Install the LabVIEW Update
  • Delete the Dashboard files at: C://Program Files//FRC Dashboard
    *]Install the Driver Station Update
    as you would if the Classmate had been working.

Thank you, now it works perfectly. I wonder what went wrong in the first place?