Classmate won't let me activate windows!

I have been tasked to fix a resolution problem with our computer, it turns out that we can’t change the resolution without activating Windows 7, which access to the servers is blocked by our schools network. I guess, during the activation at school, it failed, now, at my house connection, i can’t activate it. Anyone have a solution?

There are a couple options, but I find phone activation works fairly well.

I don’t have the option to look for “other ways to activate.” The button is grayed out.

Are you trying to activate windows with the same key that came with your disk installation? What I have found is that this can be a problem for it. But, like he said, the telephone option works more often than not. On one occasion, I got to the part where it asks you how many computers you have used with the key. My response was “I don’t know” and it worked…

I helped Las Pumas properly re-image their Classmate and activate Windows using the 2014 Windows 7 Activation Procedure that FIRST made available last year.