Does anybody use Clecos? They look really cool.

Holy Cow! Someone’s made a reusable rivet!

They do look cool, but I probably wouldn’t put them on my robot. They are just rivets that weigh more than a bolt. I think they would be better put to use in assembly and prototype than in the final product.

They are not intended to be left on whatever it is you’re building, they are used to hold parts together in proper alignment during fabrication and assembly.

We used them when riveting our base together this year. They’re really really handy!


Team THRUST 1501 only uses, let’s see…a few hundred…here are some interesting photo’s by Wayne Doenges, when the students get carried away…






We use both these and the cleco clamps that can also be purchased.
These are temporary rivets… they come in really handy to align pieces while drilling them… and to hold them together while riveting…

As I mentioned they come in two varieties

Hole grip clamps… (the standard cleco…) Just remember to get the correct one for the size of the hole you are drilling!!!

and Edge grip clamps (little edge clamps)

they both are taken on and off by a pair of cleco pliers.

See this reference in McMaster Carr

They have many uses… in the shop and in the pit… for temporarily fastening something…

I would suggest that more teams try them… they come in very handy

2468 has used them for bumper attach for 2 years now in addition to using them while assembling things.

Any pictures?

Do y’all have them on your 2011 robot because I would love to see how y’all did that.

177 has used them in assembly over the years since at least 1996 when we made our first monocoque arm.

Yes, so you should be able to see them at Anderson next month.

I don’t have any pictures available. I’ve asked the teacher if he does. It isn’t hard to imagine though. A small angled bracket is attached to the bumper and the cleco is put in the special pliers and inserted through the bracket and into the C channel and released. Use 3 per side and it is remarkably stable.

The other clamping system we’ve played with recently is the pin and cam style fastener. We used this two years ago to hold down the back end of our carbon fiber top (hood). The pins attached to the C channel and the cam was attached to the CF top (the front end of this hood was hinged). Getting at the internals was as quick as two twists of a hex driver and lift up of the top.

I’ve been trying to figure out an efficient way to use the pins and cams for bumper attachment, but the clecos do too well to displace them.

Clecos are a great tool to have around and they come in various sizes lengths. Clecos are used as temp fasteners during sheet metal assembly. They will also work with plasics if your a little more careful. They are used heavily in the aviation industry. It is not uncommon to us 100+ when performing aircraft skin installations/replacements. The most common size diameters are 3/32, 1/8, 5/32 and 1/4 inch and the come in various grip lengths. Some are spring loaded that require cleco pliers to be used and others use a nut or wing nut to tighten them. Thay also offer verious sizes of cleco clamps that can be handy. here are two companies that sell them.