Cleveland Regional

First I would like to thank teams 541 and 1126. We made a great alliance and we couldn’t have done it without such great partners! Secondly I would like to say all the teams out there that not only didn’t make it through the finals, but didn’t make it to the finals at all, you guys did great!! As a three year member I know how you feel. We have made it to the finals, but in the past two years have never won. In Cleveland last year we didn’t even make it to the finals. Our goal for Cleveland this year was to try as hard as we could and not repeat what happened last year, and we made it with flying colors. So to all the teams out there, keep trying, if you want it to happen, make it happen!!!:smiley:

Hard work truely pays off! We spent the whole 4 hour bus ride to Cleveland preparing for what was ahead of us. So for all the teams out there…in the end, hard work does pay off. Also…I would also like to thank teams 541 and 1126! We couldn’t have done it without you! Good job to all the other teams out there and good luck at your next regional, hope to see you all at nationals!

On the behalf of team Sparx and Bulldog (robot’s new name) We congratulate and are happy for team 541 and 27 for choosing us to be part of your great team in the finals.

Thanks again and we will definitely see you in Houston in a few weeks!:cool:

You guys said it all…It was more then all of us could of wished for…an congrads to everyone we played durning the regional…every single match was just as tough as the one befor.