Click and Clack (of Car Talk) on NOVA re: Hydrogen Cars

I thought I’d start off the week with the overly-concerned-grandma routine and let everyone know there’s something of interest on TV this week. Car Talk hosts Ray and Tom are going to be on Nova scienceNOW on Tuesday (July 26th) discussing hydrogen powered cars. They’ll be sharing air-time with two other stories (one which might be of interest to all those cool biologists and chemists out there), but I expect that even just 20 minutes of them on TV will be the best programming on this week. If you miss it (or want to watch it over and over again until your brain starts leaking out of your ears), here’s the link to NOVA’s site where you can see the episode in its entirety.

I caught the email on my subscription, I’ll have to make sure to watch it. Looks interesting!