Clicking Noise when we switch Robot on

When we switch the robot on, there is a clicking noise and I have no clue if that’s good or bad but, I’m assuming the bad.

I think it’s the jaguar or the PD but I’m not really sure because it’s hard to pinpoint the exact location.

Most likely a breaker tripping in your Power Distribution board. They make a clicking noise as they trip and reset. You should check which controller is over the breaker’s limit, it’s likely shorted.

It’s probably a snap action circuit breaker on the Power Distribution board. They click when they trip, and again when they reset a few moments later. It’s very likely that you have a short circuit somewhere. If your PD is one of the newer style, there will be a red light showing next to the tripped breaker.

If you have the power miswired to the output of a Jaguar instead of the input, you’ll end up with a short circuit (and a fried Jaguar).

…or if you have one of our black Jaguars, you end up with a short circuit and a fried Jaguar even if it is hooked up correctly! (Lucky for us, it was just the practice 'bot…)

The pneumatic solenoids also make a clicking noise when they trigger without any air.


if the fan in the jaguar is bent they make an annoying clicking sound. it doesnt impare the bot, its just annoying.

We had the same clicking noise after two of our jaguars went bad. It wasn’t the breaker because it was a much higher frequency than one of the snap action breakers and the light on the power distribution board never turned on. I’m not sure of the exact problem but once we replace the jaguar the noise stopped. Make sure that all your Jaguars have a flashing yellow/orange light when you turn your robot on.

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If its shorted does it mean I have to replace it?

If you suspect a breaker, pull all of them out of the PD. Replace them one at a time until the noise returns. Then you will know what branch is causing a problem. It is a simple matter then to track down the cause.

Please note: Breakers that are tripping due to over current conditions will usually get hot. Check each breaker for high temp before you pull it.