Climate-challenged teams?

This year’s playing surface and wheels put the teams from warmer climates (i.e. southern US) at a distinct disadvantage. Except for the occasional hydroplaning on wet roads, we’re just not used to low-traction driving! The “snow-belt” teams are going to feel right at home on this year’s field :p.

To balance things out, I say next year’s game should be a variant on beach volleyball: try running in loose sand!

Too bad for you we have sand AND ice, just not at the same time.:slight_smile:

yea lake michigan in the summer and lake effect snow in the winter, your not really tricking anyone, maybe the canadian teams in the artic circle, but thats it

I don’t necessarily think that teams anywhere have an advantage. Teams in snowy regions see their cars with special treads or spikes for snow or ice.

But remember that the wheels cannot be altered, and nothing can touch the ground besides the wheels. So even if they have the knowledge of how to fix the wheels, it’d be point-less in this game.

And as for the physics behind this, everyone knows and can research the physics involved.

I dissagree, the teams with the advantage are the ones that have drivers that can adapt to any driving conditions within the first match and only improve from there.

meh, just put your robot on an skating rink, they are litterally all over north america regardless of the climate :smiley: I dont think that the regolith is as slippery as ice, but i can imagine that being used to worse conditions will make it easier to work in better conditions.

or run it down blue mountain road off 26 when the plows are late hitting the road, you won’t have any trouble finding “slippery” there :slight_smile:

yes finally it’s pay back time for all the pictures of your sunny out door fields with your team wearing shorts

Now they’ll have sunny outdoor fields with their team wearing shorts and simulated ice.

i really hope that the ratio of people who know how to drive on ice to those who dont is not similar to northern virginia. essentially only the northerners who move here know how to drive. also people who think that 4 wheel drive solves driving on ice are just as likely to fail as those who think that in real life.

happily I would take that challenge…

It’s just payback for all those years of making the northern teams find pool noodles in the middle of winter with 3+ feet of snow on the ground! :smiley:

Anyone can get some practice on the regolith and do better later on. The teams that have an advantage are the teams whose driver can adapt from carpet. Then again, I have lived in both Michigan and Florida so ha!

which we still have to do:yikes:

I haven’t driven a robot, so I don’t know for sure. But I don’t think I would get very much feedback on sliding through the joysticks or by watching it slide. Certainly not compared to the feedback I get in a car on ice, through my hands, feet, butt and vision inside the vehicle. I don’t think northern robot drivers will have a whole lot of an advantage.

Haven’t heard any teams complain about it and I don’t see it as a big issue. If you all have ice skating rinks in your state or have experienced the slippery nature of ice cubes, then there’s nothing more of an experience you could have.

Don’t think any of the well adapting teams in the West like 330 254 359 368 968… etc. will mind this challenge. Just adapt. Hate to say it, but get over it is kinda the direct way of saying it. Finishing your robot early should be the goal and practicing your drivers. Look up online driving techniques for icy conditions. Its all the same knowledge.

AMEN!!! Last year we had to call a shop in Florida. They just couldn’t understand why a couple of Minnesotans wanted pool noodles in January. It almost seemed like they wouldn’t let us order because they couldn’t understand it!

We’re probably gonna test our robot out in the school parking lot! As soon as January rolls around, our school parking lot is one solid piece of slick ice!

For once in my life, I’m actually glad to live in Minnesota in January! Man, I knew FIRST inspired people, but I didn’t know it could make me love -20 degree weather!

We thought of that too! Just remember that robots and large amounts of snow (water) may cause some undesireable outcomes. We’re probably just going to use our cafeteria, gym, or uncarpeted hallways.

Ah, snow and grit would kind of screw up the robot…maybe we’ll have to section off a part of the lot and keep it VERY clean. I bet everybody will love us then :wink:

As we left our build site to pick up some lunch today, we discovered that it had rained ice, so the walkways and streets were worse than regolith. Nothing really helps driving on ice - just use steady acceleration and smooth movements.