Climb and Dump Club

After watching 1114 and 1421 (climb & dump robots) put up consistent climb/dumps in their respective finals, this strategy should be important at champs.

tentative Climb/Dump Club List :

FYI : this is just for a list, if you want to debate strategy of dump/climb go here

Here’s an updated list sorted by climb/dump time.

1114 (20 seconds)
179 (25 seconds) - level 2 climb only
1421 (30 seconds)
4451 (30 seconds)
1918 (35 seconds)
1023 (40 seconds)
2481 (40 seconds)
88 (45 seconds)
2992 (45 seconds)
3309 (45 seconds)
85 (45 seconds)
2177 (45 seconds)
1025 (45 seconds)
3572 (50 seconds)
340 (50 seconds)
3339 (60 seconds)

340 was able to do the climb and dump at the Finger Lakes Regional.

3309 was able to climb and dump in LA.

1025 only failed to climb and dump once at Grand Blanc.


All at Wisconsin this past weekend.

Team 61 did it once in GSR

85, 1918, 3572 at West Michigan

Edit: QF1-1 West Michigan for FRC85 dump

179 @ Orlando

88 in boston had what i think was the only climb and dump at the event. They did it several times

Team SPORK (3196) climbed and dumped at North Carolina

Here is video of 1918 climbing for 30 and almost dumping in the last finals match of West Michigan:

Consistent? Perhaps not, but by the eliminations of raliegh team 587 figured out dumping and successfully completed 2 or 3 dumps in the 5 matches played in elims. After an quite an adventure to get there it was ratifying to beat the number 2 alliance as a very low low underdog alliance, helped greatly by 50 points per match. No championships for us, but hey… it dumped :smiley:

1448 shows the awesome capacity to climb for 30 and dump for 20.

2177 did it at Lake Superior, and plans to do it again in a couple of days at North Star!

3339 could climb and dump.
We didn’t perform the dump in our regional because most of the robots were definsive and blocked us from going back to the pyramid…

Change the link in here for 2177 to this, it’s a much better (and faster) rendition of our climb.

On a side note, we figured out the software bug that was slowing us down… I hope to be able to post several more videos showing our new reliable speed after North Star this week!

Really glad we got to join this club. These are some impressive times.

Here is a better video of our climb & dump. I’d like to say that this is a “typical” match for us (5 in auton, 8 in teleop, climb & dump), but not yet. We’re working on it.!/photo.php?v=616727458356643&set=vb.179172515489660&type=2&theater

1259’s bot climbing and dumping. About 50 seconds in its entirety.

1806 does it at level 2