Climber designs

So my team had a climber using nested PVC pipes for our first regional, but it had a bunch of issues and we would really like to redesign it. What are the simplest and smallest trench bot climber designs that we could implement for our next regional (in 3 weeks).
Note: no pneumatics is preferred.

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We are using a telescoping system with aluminium tubes they are just smaller the other so they don’t have a lot o free space to wobble and don’t need bushings, we’re pulling them up with just a 4:1 bag, and to elevate the robot two CIMs on a thoughbox

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Do you have photos of it? Or maybe CAD? I’m curious how it’s rigged and assembled.

We have a half scissor lift almost, with one pvc joint on a hinge and the other on a bolt running through all 3 and a Trailer U-Bolt for a hook. It is using a 3D printed winch and a 22.67:1 EVO slim shifter with a ratchet on the other end of the driving shaft.

Ours is pretty simple and worked every time for us this weekend. I think there are a couple pictures on Facebook. Thunder robotics.

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