Climber in a box getting stuck at the bottom

Hey! We’re having a bit of an issue with one of our stage 1 climber in a boxs. The “spring out” function isn’t exactly springing out, and we’ve tried troubleshooting this issue by loosening potential screws that were causing friction, rearranging bearings, and centering the copper strip.

It’s smooth all the way until we get to the very bottom, then it gets stuck at the very bottom of the climber when it’s all the way pushed in.

We were wondering if anyone has any other troubleshooting suggestions so we can get this on the robot. Thanks!

Our team was having trouble with this as well. Try checking if the rope or any knots are getting caught on stuff at the bottom

We found last year using a climber in a box type kit for an arm that we had kinked the corners of the square tube clamping a bracket to tight. Didn’t think it was enough to matter, but when we sanded the sharp corner of the inner block off it stoped sticking where the bracket had been