Climber in the box programming

We are having a few issue with our climber on the programming side of things this is are first time ever using one and we have gotten it to work but I don’t know how to get it to stay retracted when we go for a hang and how I’m doing it now makes our motor start smoking for the programming I just have it forward and reverse any help with this problem I would be very thankful for

As far as I could understand, the issue you were having was related to the telescope unwinding after you go for a hang, is this the case? And is this climb for an in-match trap score mechanism or an endgame climb? If it is for the endgame, you can only put the motors on break mode on the programming side because the robot is disabled.

How would I go about putting it on brake mode

What is the motor that you are using?

We are using Neo sparkmax motor controller and a can bus

Can you try this “sparkMax.setIdleMode(IdleMode.kBrake)”

Do I have to give it a button or tell it a certain controller

You could make a button to set your motor break mode and then switch to coast, however I would recommend you to only set Break mode. To do that, in the file you initialize your motor, call this function one time (below the configs if you do). And most probably, you would call this function at the end of your constructor.

You can access this method on motor directly by your motor controller.

Okay and how would we test to make sure it works

If you don’t have access to a place where you can hang the robot, you can try to pull the climbers from the retracted position to see if there is a greater resistance than previous.

Can you please also elaborate on the setup that you are using? (number of climbs, gear ratio, diameter of the rope winch/spool) The issue may also be mechanical as a NEO smoking is in no way normal. There was a recent thread on this topic and the response from @Domtech was beneficial.

We are using one climber and a 16:1 ratio and I am not sure on the rope length and I think it was smoking since we we’re trying to even out the climb and we couldn’t really let go of the button so that could be the issue

And since we do have access to a climb do we climb then let go of the button or disable the robot

When you try to move the subsystem there should be resisting force exerted when the robot is enabled, if so then it is in break mode.

At the end of the match, your robot will be disabled so disabling the robot would be similar to a actual competition. Apart from that, you have enough space to try that or are you going to try that in the match? If you are planning to try that in match, please reconsider to try that on your own beforehand since you are very unlikely to succeed at first time. Just grap some metal which can hold you robot and climb on it.

One thing you haven’t mentioned is your gear ratio. brake mode won’t hold the robot up if you don’t have a high enough reduction . We are at 25:1 and it works fine, we were at 9:1 earlier and it wasn’t enough to hold for 5 seconds

It is 16:1 ratio

Also you don’t need to set brake mode at the end. It isn’t really the brake mode you are setting but the idle mode. So you are setting idle to brake instead of coast. It can and should always have idle mode brake for a mechanism like this. IF your control output to your motor is 0 and your arms stay down against the cf springs you probably already have this.

It dose not stay down

Can you also give the diameter of the spool you tie the rope around as the gear ratio doesn’t give the full picture? Maybe using a smaller spool can help

We are using a 2 stage climber spool one but only have a one stage so that might be the problem