Climbing 2022

I might just be ignorant, but are there any specific rules against shooting anything tethered to the robot? If so can you link the rule because I can’t find the said rule?

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as long as no part of your robot violates the 5’6” height limit and you follow all other rules i see no reason why not

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It cannot brake the 16" extension rule or the 4’4" / 5’6" height limit. If it’s also safe, it’s allowed.


This could fall under the uncontrollable movement rule

Any projectile would be counted in the height per this Q&A question.

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:point_up: All that. The bottom line is that anything you shoot tethered to the robot is still considered part of the robot and subject to all of the robot rules, including safety and overall dimensions. Shooting anything you placed on the field UNtethered is a violation of G205 or H309B, referee’s call.

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