Climbing and Spindexing

Teams that used spindexers, how did you go about climbing?

So this is a pretty vague question, providing more details about your design and constraints will help others help you. To give a general idea there are a few common climber designs for teams that used spindexers. The first is the way teams 1690 and 1684 did it. They have a large spindexer with an elevator system for climbing in the center of their spindexer. They both have reveal videos that do a good job of showing how they built and packaged their climbs. The next common version is two elevators on either side of the drivetrain that fold down to fit under the trench and then extend to reach the bar. Teams 1114 and 148 used this system. The folding actuation adds complexity to the system and is only necessary if you are driving under the trench, whether your robot is tall or short is important information when asking about climbers. These two are not the only way to climb, team 987 used a single folding elevator that deployed a hook attached to a string and then winched themselves up onto the bar. There is a lot of flexibility in designs so I hope this helped a little, I and lots of other people can help more if you provide some more information, pictures are always helpful.

I also want to say that the systems I described are not the only way to climb with a spindexer, they are just trends/common designs. Climbing can be achieved a whole lot of ways and the type of hopper doesn’t limit you to only one design.

I don’t think the spindexer is the primary factor that determines climb type. Other factors such as if you’re a tall or low robot, and whether the shooter is centered or off center have more to do with it than spindexer or no spindexer. But for some teams they package above their spindexer, like what 1678 did. Others have a telescoping lift system on the side. There’s definitely several ways to go about it.

Ours was mounted to the chassis rail, but it really depends on the diameter of your spindexer, what is your climber, and your general robot construction.

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Here is what we are doing. Extends just fine, but currently it jams when retracting it. We’ll release the hook from the extending mechanism if we can get it retracting without jamming.

Are there 10 powercells and a komoto dragon inside that robot???


Yes! The Komodo dragon’s name is Henry. We can fit all 15 of our power cells if we really push.

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