Climbing at champs

How many teams will be getting the 30 point climb at St. Louis?

I honestly have no idea. It seems the difficulty each team is having with the task varies vastly.

You and everyone else.

We won’t know until the robots are built but my guess is most at Champs will get the 30 point hang.

I have heard both sides of this repeated several times, some say most will get the thirty, others say most will forego it for shooting in the high goal and pyramid goal. My team, for one (although I’m sure there are many others with the same thoughts) intends to focus on getting the 30 point climb first. Other than that, I honestly don’t know.

You need to ad less than 10%

yup, repeat the poll with numbers 1% thru 9%

Roughly three quarters of the teams get there for some reason other than winning a regional…

Right now I’d say about 30%. Rationale: Let’s say that 30pts this game is a lot of points. (Historically, I’d say that’s an accurate statement. People, as proven, usually go into a game reasonably optimistic about how well they can do the main task. Understandably just, as it is what they plan on engineering for.) But then rolls along the teams that think “Hey, 30ts are a lot of points. And, we can almost double that if we score in the Pyramid goal.” So they score 50tps a match, and I would say they are consistent, because that’s what these teams are spending their season creating. So they go and score 50pts a match. And, for most regionals, that’d result in a pretty good, if not the best seed. If they’re not the number one seed, they would probably be picked by the number 1 shooter. (That’s what I would do. If I can shoot well enough to seed over a climber, I’d want a climber who can bolster my white frisbee points with climb and pyramid goal points.) Then, as a second pick, I would take a decent shooter. So that’s 1/6 of the teams per regional who can do a 30pt climb. Let’s also say that if you can design a climbing mechanism that gets to the third level, it works incredibly well but you miss out on the winning alliance. But, since it’s probably incredibly designed, you win Engineering Inspiration for doing the task that people called impossible. So, 2/6 robots per regional can do a 30pt climb. Subtract out for various regionals not having climbers, people double qualifying, the districts not being the 6 robots to champs, all those other things, and you’re probably sitting at 20-30 teams. Assuming Champs holds the same number as last year, that’s probably about a hundred teams that can climb to the third tier.

Or, to quote one Albus Dumbledore here, I’m “being optimistic to the point of foolishness.”

I voted 20%, but that might be a bit high. Would be very surprised to see more than 80 teams at the Championship doing it.

Another way of phrasing 30% is 120 robots of 400. Will it really be THAT common?

I put 20%, but only because the Championships represent the upper echelon of FIRST teams. For me 3%-5% sounds like a reasonable estimate for teams as a whole climbing for 30, if you figure most of those teams do well enough at regional events to attend then you end up over 10%.

I put an optimistic 10%…

You are assuming that there will be a 30-point climb at the Championship. The blue box with indicates that the climbing scores may be modified by up to 10 points in either direction for Championship. There may only be a 25-point climb available… or it might be a 40-point climb.

Now are these XX% teams that climb getting there because it is the climb that is winning them the tournaments? Or is it that they can shoot as well? And do you think that all teams that climb for 30 pts will get to championship?

Every level 3 climber that’s still working at the end of qualifications will be picked for eliminations. Of the 96 teams in eliminations at Championships, a bit less than half will be able to climb to level 3, I’d cap that number at about 40 total (more than that will be able to, but will not attend Championships). That’s just about 10% of the ~400 teams that go to Championships.

I get a feeling that the climbing points will be adjusted this year. I think that the values for levels 2 and 3 will increase by 5 points each. This will cause more teams to bring climbing devices to Championships, often based on something a ‘powerhouse’ team did during the season.

Its much harder for a climbing device to be added than a stinger…the climbing devices I’ve seen so far are pretty specialized

10% feels about right… That’s 40 robots in the world who will be able to do it at champs. Seems reasonable. Maybe a few more, maybe a few less, but I can’t see anything more than 15% of the robots.

Are you saying that any robot who can get the thirty will/should get to St. Louis?

Where’d you get that? All he said was that 10% of robots at Championships will be able to do a 30pt climb.

I don’t necessarily agree with the assertion that all 30 point climbers will be chosen for eliminations at champs. There is more to strategy in this game than XXXX team hangs for 30 we should pick them even if they take 1:30 to do it. If I have a team that can play enough defense to eat up 40 seconds of my opposing shooter’s match and hang for ten I would at least think about choosing them over a 30 point hanger. Smart defense may be able to limit an opponents scoring by 20+ points. If this defensive team has a decent autonomous mode it might just make the choice for me.

30 point climbers will be a large factor at regionals, maybe enough to win them. On the other hand the depth of the field at the various championships should be taken into account. You will have a greater number of high caliber shooters at the championships and they will definitely be in elims. If a shooter scores x points in a second and I waste y of their time it could very well be that x*y + (their contribution to scoring)>30.

Reading my post now I dont really know. Thats how I interpreted “40 robots in the world who will be able to do it at champs” (Like 40 total robots who do it will be at champs) for some reason. :confused:

I agree with some people above. I feel it will be maybe 50 teams, just over 10 percent. But I think even that is a little optimistic.

The only place where over 50% of the bots can make it to the 30 point range is Einstein.