Climbing: Attaching to rung below starting level in Infinite Recharge

Team Storm is trying to decide if our robot will ever need to attach to the rung below its starting position. Our/my thinking is that if a robot is attached, it will likely lower the rung on its side and our robot will always go to the higher side to attach (and hopefully balance).

Are there likely game scenarios when the ability to attach to a lowered rung will be needed?


I would think the only time that you would need to attach below the starting position is if there is a robot on one extreme and you can adjust on the rung, but your third alliance member would also have to grab at the other extreme of the rung while you slide towards the center of the generator rung. Refer to the simulator made by gideonrab through this link This is a helpful tool to find the limits of three robot balances.

I could see a situation where robot A and robot B both climb on either side of center, but due to weight and position the switch goes to one extreme. Now robot C needs to find a place to grab on and climb. Might be easier for C to just go for the lowest point and get the last 25 points rather than go for a high point and hope to get the Level as well.

Thank you. The tool is really neat.

Thank you for your valid point. I had not considered wanting to hang without trying to balance.