Climbing before last 30 seconds

Are robots permitted to climb before the last 30 seconds? Our climbing system takes approximately 40-50 seconds so we were wondering if that’s legal…

Yes that is legal. Bumpers must just be in hanger zone before it extends higher than allowable starting config.

Remember that G208 B does not come into effect until the final 30 seconds.

But there are no rules to prevent climbing before the final 30 seconds, and G208 A has no time restriction.


alright thanks!

The main other rule to be aware of is G404 (“Don’t hoard opposing CARGO”), where if there were 4 opponent CARGO in your HANGAR, the protection G208 gives you could be considered stopping your opponents from getting them, per G404 blue box example B.

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Trying my best not to be rude, but if you’re missing things like this you should probobly read the manual.

With all due respect, it is much harder to find the absence of a rule for a question like this than it would be to find if there really was a rule.


I was mostly sure of this already, but more often than not I think it is beneficial to double check and rather than reading through the manual again, I decided that it could be more time conservative to ask here. Our team is not as populated as some, and I work very hard as lead Technician along with wiring lead and head machinist. So though you make a valid point, I will take advantage of this platforms helpful forums to double check anything I’m unsure of when it comes to the rules.


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